Your Summer 2016 Guide to Swimwear Trends

Bathing suit season is here and along with it the dreaded task of searching for the perfect beachwear that is both flattering and fashionable. Swimwear shopping can be a real pain and it can be hard to find something that fits your personal style when the only options are various forms of the bikini.

Thankfully, there plenty of new and classic styles on the market that could be the answer to your bikini shopping nightmares. The top trends in swimwear this season are daring, embrace bold colors, and of course, include confidence as your main accessory. Here are some of our top favorite swimsuit trends that we can’t wait to rock this year.


Taylor Swift brought this 1950’s and 1960’s inspired swimsuit look back a few years ago, and it is still one of the most popular styles. Classic bikini tops are paired with high waisted bottoms, hitting either just above the hips of all the way to the waistline (above your belly button) to create a retro pin-up girl look. Though there isn’t any more coverage where the legs are concerned, this is a great style for anyone looking to show less skin or cover their stomach without sacrificing style.


Ath-leisure and athletic wear have quickly become the hottest fashion trends, and swimwear is no exception. The classic Speedo-style one piece gets an upgrade with bold or neon coloring, loud patterns, and zippers at the neck and chest to replicate surf suits. Anyone looking to show a little more skin can opt for athletic bikinis, embracing the same styles and colors only with classic hip hugger bottoms and sports bra inspired tops.

Cutout One Piece

Cut outs are the answer for anyone who is most comfortable in a one piece swimsuit but looking to add a little more flair and sexiness. Cut outs can be found all over the place, though more popularly on the back, chest, and sides. They may be difficult to put on and you run the risk of having some crazy tan lines all summer, but the cut out style is easily on its way to becoming a classic go-to style.

Off-the-Shoulder Styles

Typically found on one pieces and athletic bikini tops, the off-the-shoulder style is great for anyone looking to draw attention away from a small bust. Though you should be doing this with any swimsuit style, make sure that you choose an off-the-shoulder swimsuit that fits properly, as you don’t want any discomfort around your neck or arms when swimming.

Lace Up Front

Just as Kylie Jenner has been creating trends in the beauty world, her recent obsession with lace front one pieces has translated to the retail market. This is a style that is very revealing, whether on the sides of the one piece or on the chest, so be sure you feel comfortable with whatever skin is showing. Also, though it should be obvious by looking at it, this style was created to be fashionable as opposed to actually doing some hard core water sports, so maybe opt for a different style if you plan on doing anything other than tanning or laying out pool side.


Ruffles can make any grown woman shopping for a bathing suit feel like she is shopping in the kids section, but hear us out. The size and placement of the ruffle is what can take a bathing suit from kiddie pool to rooftop pool party. As far as placement is concerned, it depends on what you are looking to accentuate, since the ruffle will be the loudest part of the entire outfit.





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