Yikes: “Drinking Mirror” App Shows the Aging Effects of Alcohol

Before and after "Drinking Mirror" app
Before and after “Drinking Mirror” app

It’s pretty obvious that we’re healthy living advocates and this latest “Drinking Mirror” app that shows the aging effects of alcohol really confirms why we’re so passionate about taking care of our minds, bodies, and souls!

The app was created to support Scotland’s “Drink Smarter” campaign which brings awareness to binge drinking. According to their site “women shouldn’t regularly drink more than 2-3 units a day and men, 3-4. Aim to have at least two alcohol-free days a week.” We concur!

We enjoy the occasional alcoholic beverage in moderation but binge drinking has never been and never will be our idea of a “fun” night out.  Not only does it destroy brain cells and cause a hellish morning after but it ages our bodies beyond our years. Who needs that? No thanks. Call us crazy, but we like strong, healthy bodies and nice skin. We’d rather wake up Sunday morning and do something fun than roll around in bed all day self-loathing with a hangover!

If you ever needed a reason to slow down the drinking train, this app may help you curb your consumption. Believe us, once you get your tolerance level down, you really won’t need all those shots to take the edge off.  And just think of how strong, amazing and healthy you’ll feel the next morning? Contrary to popular belief, you can have a moderated-liquor or -gasp- liquor-free awesome time. We promise!

You can download the app for iPhone and Android here. See more photos on The Huffington Post



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