Happy World WildLife Day: Here’s How To Help Conserve The Planet

Happy World WildLife Day! Today is not just a celebration of our planet’s beautiful species, but it’s also a great reminder of how we can live more mindfully and sustainably. Awareness is a key element in doing our part to conserve the planet. Things we do on a daily basis (such as using disposable plastic water bottles) are extremely detrimental to the planet, yet many of us are simply not aware of it. Here are a few ways you can do your part, just by changing your daily habits.

Avoid Plastic

Plastic bags, cups, water bottles, straws, and other disposable plastics are the number one polluter of the ocean. By using reusable utensils and biodegradable products, you help stop the on-going pollution that is destroying the ocean and its wildlife.

Avoid Cruel Animal By Products

Species on our planet are going extinct 1,000 times faster due to humans. Currently, the last male white rhino is being guarded to avoid poaching in Kenya. Just recently, the black rhino went extinct and all species of rhino are now endangered due to human poaching. Elephants are suffering the same fate, poached for their ivory and now considered endangered. Other non-endangered animals such as seal and fox are often cruelly killed for their fur. It goes without saying, do not buy anything with ivory or fur. These cruel (often illegal) industries have little regulation and are the cause of major extinctions of animals such as the black rhino, Tasmanian tiger, the great auk penguin, the quagga zebra, the Caribbean monk seal, and the Zanzibar leopard, among many others.

Turn It Off

When you leave the house, turn off all lights, fans, air conditioners, and other energy consuming electronics. Not only will you reduce your carbon footprint, but you’ll reduce your electricity bill as well.

Mindful Consumption of Resources

Water usage, fuel, and even food are all resources provided by our planet. The more we consume, the more strain we put on the environment. Be mindful of your consumption and avoid wasteful use of resources.

Shop Your Values

The best way to stop industries from animal testing, fur use, and poaching is to decrease the demand. Do not shop or buy from companies that participate in cruelty to animals. Here is a list of companies that are cruelty free.

To learn more about how you can do your part, check out the sidebar on the right and go to unenvironment.org and




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