Why You Need To Start Oil Pulling NOW

You may be wondering, “what is oil pulling?!” Or maybe you already know the incredible health benefits of this ancient practice; either way, oil pulling is one of the best things you can do for your oral hygiene. It’s seriously a game-changer -no exaggeration. We started oil pulling with Boka a little over 30 days ago and we can’t believe how well it works. For those of you unfamiliar with oil pulling, it’s an age-old technique of swishing oil (most popularly coconut oil) in your mouth to draw out impurities, prevent cavities, eliminate bad breath, and clean your gums and teeth.

Boka Cocorinse Oil Pulling Rinse
Boka Cocorinse Oil Pulling Rinse

So, how does it work, you ask? Oil creates a negative charge, which literally pulls and draws out (hence pulling) impurities and bacteria from your mouth, trapping it in the oil, which is then expelled from your mouth when you spit the oil out. It’s recommended you swish the oil for at least 10 to 20 minutes and then spit it in the trash can. (Never expel oil in your sink or drain because it can cause clogging.)

While oil pulling has been practiced since ancient Egyptian times for oral hygiene, it has recently had a resurgence in the mainstream as the go-to way to clean your mouth for wellness experts and those “in the know.” Here’s why you need to start oil pulling ASAP.

Prevents Bad Breath

Bad breath is not just embarrassing, it’s bad for you and indicates an overgrowth of bacteria in your mouth. Oil pulling helps eliminate bad breath and draw out the bacteria that’s causing it. In fact, a 2011 study by the Journal of the Indian Society of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry found that oil pulling is as effective as the chemical chlorhexidine for treating bad breath. While alcohol-based mouthwashes often dry your mouth out and make breath worse over time, oil pulling moisturizes while drawing out bad bacteria, making it much more effective.

Reduces Plaque

In the same study done by the Journal of Indian Society of Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry, oil pulling was found to reduce plaque. Oil pulling produces a “saponification process, or a process in which the oil produces a soap-like effect in the mouth,” thus drawing out impurities and reducing plaque.

Cavity Prevention

A study done by the African Journal of Microbiology, found that oil pulling can help prevent cavities. “There is a remarkable reduction in the susceptibility of a host to dental caries. 50% of the case study persons were converted from marked dental caries susceptibility to slight dental caries susceptibility. 50% of the case study persons were converted from marked dental caries susceptibility to moderate dental caries susceptibility.”

Helps Whiten Teeth

Many people notice that their teeth are whiter after oil pulling for 30 days. We can attest to this! We have definitely noticed our teeth become whiter since we started oil pulling regularly a little over a month ago. Of course, this is subjective, and everyone’s teeth are different, but this is a benefit you may notice, too!

Getting Started


Ready to get started with oil pulling, get rid of bad breath, and improve your oral health significantly?  Now through April 15, 2016, we’re offering 25% off  with code STYLEFOX25 on ANY Boka subscription*! This is what we use to oil pull and we can’t believe the difference in the cleanliness and freshness of our mouths.

Boka is an effortless, affordable way to get everything you need for your oral hygiene, delivered to your door every 3 months. Kits include Cocorinse (oil pulling), floss, toothbrush (regular or electric), and toothpaste. Or you can customize your kit if you only want certain products. Boka oral care products are made with high-quality materials and natural ingredients. Boka toothbrushes are different because they’re made with Binchotan activated charcoal bristles, which naturally helps prevent bacteria from growing on your brush. Their toothpaste is also made with all natural essential oils like peppermint and mint, and it’s free of sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), fluoride, triclosan, artificial flavors or parabens, so you know you’re not putting any chemicals in your mouth.

Boka floss is also all-natural, made with beeswax, and it’s Teflon and petroleum-free.  Their Cocorinse is probably our favorite product! This oil pulling rinse is made with three natural ingredients: coconut oil, spearmint oil, and mint oil, and leaves your mouth feeling positively DIVINE and fresh. Best of all, Boka is SO affordable. Quarterly subscriptions start at $14.50 and can be customized according to your needs, and you can cancel at any time with no hassle.

Ready to get your cleanest, healthiest mouth ever? Visit Boka.com and use our 25% off code STYLEFOX25 to customize your own Boka box subscription, or buy just what you need at any given time with no obligation!

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