Welcome To The New StyleFox

Hey, hey, we got a huge makeover! If you have noticed a few changes around here, you’re not imagining it. Along with an entire site redesign we’ve also updated our privacy policy and terms of service. Here are few improvements we’ve made for both your user experience and privacy.

Privacy Policy

As always, any data collected is in compliance with your privacy rights. Our policies have also been updated to comply with GDPR regulations. To learn more about these changes, please review our updated privacy policy and TOS here.

Fully Secured Web Browsing

 StyleFox is now hosted on a 100% secure server. This means all information browsed or exchanged is encrypted and safe.

Fast, Updated Technology

Our servers have been upgraded to the latest, fastest technology standards including  PHP7 code, a super fast SSD hard drive, and encrypted connection.

Complete Design Overhaul

Our new site design includes the latest features and technology to improve navigation and your user experience. New improvements include sleek, fast loading pages, infinite scrolling articles, fixed social media buttons for easy sharing, eye-catching slideshows , retina-ready imagery, and a fully responsive web design. Browse on your computer, tablet and mobile phone with ease.

We hope you enjoy the new features on StyleFox! We’d love to hear your feedback. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to shoot us an email at info@stylefox.co or leave a comment below.




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