We Are Heartbroken By Racism & Police Brutality: How Are We Still Here?

We are deeply saddened and heartbroken by the murder of George Floyd and the blatant racism and brutality of police officers who are supposed to protect us. It’s unbelievable that it’s the year 2020 and we are still fighting for equality. Has America not learned anything from past mistakes and the Civil War? Has law enforcement not learned anything from Rodney King in 1991, among many other unjust killings and brutalities? How are we still here centuries and decades later? It’s embarrassing and it’s certainly not what America is “supposed” to be built on. Reality does not align with the values of equality and freedom we claim to hold.

If you question whether racism and police brutality permeates our country, please watch the full, unedited video of George Floyd’s murder here. Please listen to him say he can’t breathe and call out to his mother as multiple police officers perch on his back and suffocate the life out of him for 8 minutes. Please watch as the police officers continue to kneel on him for several minutes after he lost his bodily fluids and went silent and unconscious. Please watch as bystanders beg the officers to get off him. Please watch as the officers callously roll his body onto a stretcher without making any effort to revive him.

Please also watch the video of the police in Buffalo, NY shoving an unarmed 75-year-old protester over, cracking his head open and watching him bleed out as they kept walking. This is not “serving and protecting.” If these videos do not mobilize you into action and make you weep, I’m not sure what will. There is no justification for such callousness. There is no question that  the black community has been marginalized. There is no question that we need police reform immediately.

STYLEFOX was built on inclusivity and diversity and we stand with the black community now and always. We are committed to finding real solutions and offering more than platitudes and canned responses. It’s not enough to post black squares and make PR spun statements on social media. We all must do more, including voting for police reform, donating to black causes, supporting black-owned businesses, educating ourselves, showing up at the polls and holding police offers and public officials accountable.

We promise to continue our support and to further amplify black voices and causes on our platform. Below we’ve included a list of resources from around the web to help support the black community and end police brutality. Enough has been enough for way too long. We need reform NOW. Please join us in taking action.

With Love,

Desiree Rabuse



(Hattip to: AdHoc, Mashable, Swaay, Self, Forbes.)

Participate in a Peaceful Protest:

• Find a protest near you here.

• Know your protesters’ rights via ACLU

• Protester Safety: what to bring and what to do if you get arrested

• Here’s a curfew list so that you can avoid interacting with the police or incurring a fine.

Donate to a Bail Fund:

• The Bail Project

• National Bail Out

Donate to Other Initiatives:

Support Minority-owned Businesses:

Educate Yourself:

If you are buying a book, consider purchasing it from a black-owned bookstore. Here’s a list of a few with online stores, but do the research to find one in your area.

Petitions To Sign

Stay Up To Date:

Follow these people for updates on organizing! Many of them accept donations or tips for their services. If you value the knowledge they are sharing, consider donating.

Resources for Black people in Mourning:



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