Try These Pillowcases For Better Skin and Hair

Have you ever woken up with creases and marks on your skin or frizzy hair? It’s probably your pillowcase. I know I’ve woken up after sleeping on my face and had red marks and creases that didn’t go away for hours. I realized this can’t possibly be good for your skin -and it’s not. While some dermatologists are unsure of the effects, from my experience (and many others) sleeping on your side and stomach does cause more permanent creases as you age.

The best way to sleep for blood flow and beauty is on your back, propped up by a couple pillows. This keeps your face off the pillow and helps prevent puffiness and fluid build up in your face. So, if you’re waking up puffy, try sleeping on your back on an incline.

 Additionally, you may want to switch to “beauty” silk pillow cases. These cases are specifically made for keeping your skin and hair intact as you sleep. Because they have a slippery texture, they prevent friction, which is often the cause of creases and frizzy hair in the morning. Hey, anything that can save us time in the morning from covering up those sleep creases and taming frizzy hair is a plus!

Beauty sleep pillow cases can cost upwards of $60, but you can snag up your own beauty sleep pillow case here for about $30. Here’s to getting your beauty sleep for real!



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Mandy Ellis

Mandy Ellis is a certified nutritionist, journalist, traveler, and endless adventurer. Her work has appeared on Yahoo, AOL, Fox, and many others. When she’s not wanderlusting, she’s usually spending time with her French bull dog or hitting the yoga mat.

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