Tried & Tested: Uses For Apple Cider Vinegar That Work

Apple cider vinegar, also known as ACV, is one of nature’s most incredible natural health aids. Derived from apples, it can be used from head to toe for multiple health and beauty purposes. We’ve been big fans of ACV for many years and while there is inconclusive evidence on its internal uses (such as aiding digestion), it definitely has some very effective beauty and external skin uses. Here are a few we’ve tried that actually work.

Clears Acne

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ACV is an absolute rockstar at fighting acne. It has some serious exfoliating properties, it kills acne bacteria, and helps lighten hyperpigmentation and scarring. Not only is it all-natural but it’s super easy to dilute and create a toner at home. Just mix one part ACV with one part distilled water and voila! You have the perfect acne fighter.

Clears Dandruff

A dry scalp is no match for the powers of ACV. If you have dandruff and itching, ACV will help clear up the problem in a matter of a couple days. It’s that effective. Just add a bit to your shampoo and wash. Bonus: it also works on pets with itchy, dry skin! Just be sure to dilute it to a 1:1 ratio.

Stops Bug Bite Itching

Mosquito and bug bites can be a nightmare, and most creams have steroids or do not help stop the itch. One generous spray of ACV on a bug bite will knock out the itch instantly. It’s like magic.

Lightens Dark Spots

As we mentioned before, ACV is amazing for lightening dark spots and hyperpigmentation. You can use it anywhere on your body to help even skin tone, just be sure to dilute it first. ACV is very acidic and must be diluted before it’s applied to the skin.

Freshens Breath & Helps Remove Stains From Teeth

ACV is excellent for knocking out bad breath germs and removing stains. Dilute with 1 part water or add a bit to your mouth wash to add extra freshness.

Helps Sore Throat

At the first sign of a sore throat, gargle ACV at full strength! This will help kill off the bacteria in your throat and help fend off infection.

Fruit Fly Trap

Bonus: ACV works like a charm for getting rid of fruit flies! Add a bit to a cup and create a funnel on top with a piece of. The vinegar scent of the ACV draws them into the funnel where they get trapped and are unable to find their way out. No more annoying fruit fly infestations!




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