Trend Report: What’s Happening in Fashion for Fall 2015

The best part of a season ending is that a new one is beginning – and that it’s time to break out a new season’s wardrobe! From what we’ve seen at Fashion Week to what our favorite retailers are putting in their storefronts, Fall 2015 is going to be a great fashion season. Here are the trends you’ll definitely be seeing.

’70s Resurgence


If the seventies was your favorite decade, you’re in luck! Whether it’s the turtlenecks, the earth tones, or the shearling, the seventies are back and they’re here to stay. This doesn’t mean that it’s time to break out your disco vest or platform shoes quite yet, but the runway saw a lot of thigh-high boots and brightly colored tights, along with pieces that leaned boho-chic.. Looks like your favorite vintage finds might not be so vintage anymore!

Flared Jeans 


I love skinny jeans as much as the next girl, but the end of the Skinny Jean Era means that’s we’ll all have a little more breathing room.  Thanks to the ’70s throwback, flared denim is back in style – though this time around it’s not just denim.  Don’t be afraid to experiment; instead of repurposing your 2000’s jeans, test out a darker denim for fall, or go with a bold color like Marsala – Pantone’s pick for the color of 2015.

Nerd Cool


Fashion-forward wearables have been a topic of discussion for months now thanks to the Apple Watch, so it’s not surprising that fashion is embracing the inner geek. Shirts and dresses sported tech-inspired designs that made for a sleek modern look.  And instead of Lasik or contacts, several models sported oversized, traditionally “nerdy” frames that highlighted their eyes – and a large part of their face.

Weather Friendly Shoes


Heels in the snow? Thanks, but no – and fortunately our favorite brands seem to agree. Thick-soled boots (fondly called “Stomp Boots” for, well, you know) were designers’ footwear of choice and they’re not just our older brother’s boots anymore. This season’s stomp boots are laced up, covered in studs, and come in a variety of colors. Finally, a trend that is fashionable as it is functional.

Big Jewelry

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Bling is back! Whether it’s a brooch, earrings, something to pin in your hair (or even avante-gard face jewelry), it’s okay to show off again. The best part about this trend is that it’s not particular to a specific style – if you want to put a faux gemstone or butterfly clip (that looks like an actual butterfly) in your hair, go for it! Fashion is best when it’s for everyone, and this Fall 2015 trend definitely is.



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