Tips For Staying Active and Fit During Winter Months

There are many great things that come along with the cold winter months. We get to bundle up in our cutest sweaters, chow down on some delicious seasonal dishes, and snuggle up with our loved ones. As great as these things are, they do bring along laziness an unwanted side effect.

Instead of skipping out on delicious food and spending all summer at the gym trying to get back in shape, take advantage of these helpful tips that will keep you fit and fabulous all winter long.

Bundle Up & Get Outdoors

Yes, it’s going to get pretty cold out, but on days where it isn’t blindingly cold outside, make sure to get outdoors. On the plus side, winter brings many fun outdoor activities like skiing, snow shoeing, and tubing, so you can get a workout while having some winter fun. Whether you go skiing or for a run, jog, or just a walk around town, any outdoor movement will not only keep you fit, but also keep you from getting a serious case of cabin fever. There are plenty of fun things to do and see in the winter, so grab a scarf and some gloves and head on out there!

Turn Your Home Into a Home Gym

As much as we would love to get outside every day during winter, sometimes it is just too dang cold to even warm up the car or walk outside to the gym. By pushing some furniture aside and turning on a workout video (there are plenty of free ones on YouTube if you don’t own any), you can burn just as many calories as you would at the gym, without having to brace the frigid temperatures.

Need to practice some strength training, but don’t have any weights at home? Use heavier products in your home, like water bottles, to simulate the feeling of weights.

Monitor Your Comfort Food Intake

One of the greatest things about winter is the food, and it seems like every holiday focuses on big meals loaded with massive calories. Do not, we repeat, do not miss out on any of these delicious eats! You won’t be any happier eating a salad while everyone else chows down. Just make sure that you are practicing portion control. If you know that you have a party coming up where you will eat more than normal, keep your meals light that day to allow for extra calories. Some extra squats are totally worth it to be able to snag one more slice of Grandma’s pumpkin pie!

Put On Your Summer Clothes

Seriously. Put on your bikini or your skinny jeans and if things are feeling too snug or uncomfortable, you know it’s time to make a few changes. Sometimes when we’re covered up all winter, we can let ourselves go (come on, we know you don’t shave everyday in the winter either). By staying aware of our bodies we can  make healthier choices. Sometimes leggings and oversized sweaters are NOT our best friends for staying fit.

Remember to Make Time for Fitness

It is easy to make excuses this time of year as to why you are too busy for workouts. Regardless of your social calendar or the temperature outside, make sure that you are giving yourself at least 30 minutes of solid activity every day. You will be fitter, happier, and ready to rock some super cute outfits once the weather gets a little warmer.



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Brooke Schuldt

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