These Innovative Fitness Pants Add Resistance for a Better Workout

Move over Lululemon, there’s a more effective fitness pant in town. The geniuses over at Physiclo have come up with the first ever resistance fitness pants that increase your workout results in less time. According to their website, Physiclo is the first fitness pant with built-in resistance bands:

“Physiclo is the world’s first compression tights with built-in resistance bands designed to help you train harder and smarter than ever. These revolutionary workout clothes feature special resistance technology that engages the quadriceps, hamstrings, hip abductors, and gluteus muscle groups. Whether you’re running, spinning, jumping, cross training, or doing any other type of fitness activity, incorporating Physiclo compression pants into your routine will take your workouts to the next level.”

photo via Physiclo’s instagram


Physiclo pants have been shown to activate muscles by an additional 23% while making your cardio routine more productive and increasing your calorie burn by 14%. They’ll also help cut down your workout time, so you can get a 60 minute workout in 45 minutes. Pretty cool, right?

They currently sell for between $95 and $125 and come in shorts, capris, and full pant lengths. You can purchase them at



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