These Amazing Wearable Tech Devices Are Next Level

With every new invention, it feels like we’re getting closer to the future depicted in our favorite sci-fi movies from childhood.  Hoverboards, fitness trackers, digital newspapers – technology is becoming a larger and larger part of everyday life, and wearable tech is leading the pack. Here are some newly available pieces of wearable technology that you can seamlessly integrate into your everyday life to make things a little easier.


Imagine you’re on a camping trip, and instead of having to charge your iPhone with a flimsy portable charger – you can just charge it with your hiking boots.  If you find yourself in that situation all too often, check out SolePower – a tech company who has created the SmartBoot and Solepower insoles that do exactly that.  The SmartBoot and Solepower insoles convert kinetic energy into energy you can use to power almost any kind of device. Whether you need to charge a GPS, an iPod, a sensor, or something else – these shoes are definitely going to come in handy. It’s no wonder that they’ve been funded by the U.S. Army!


JBL UA Sport Wireless Heart-Rate Headphones

photo credit: JBL

Yes, it’s a lengthy product name, but if you’re looking for the best tech to maximize your workout – it’s these little guys.  Under Armour and audio company JBL have teamed up to create Bluetooth earbuds that have a heart-monitor built into them. Aside from being great earbuds, they also connect to Under Armour’s Record app, meaning that the app can update you through your earbuds as you’re working out. You’ll be told your pace, the distance you’ve traveled, and more in a way that doesn’t distract from what you’re doing.


Kerv Ring


photo credit: urbanwearables

Forget credit cards – how about credit rings? Companies have been masking fitness trackers as jewelry for some time, but a Dutch bank called ABN Amro is testing wearable tech that allows users to make payments through a ring on their finger. Kerv connects to credit card machines that display the contactless MasterCard symbol and does not require a smartphone for it to work. The rings are scratch resistant, water-resistant, and come in a variety of colors, so no need to worry about if they match your outfit.


My UV Patch

The last thing anyone wants to worry about in summer time is skin cancer. Of course, you should always be wearing sunscreen when you’re having fun in the sun, but dermatology company L Roche-Posay has created a stretchable, electronic patch that will measure the effect of UV rays on your skin.  Simply place the patch on your skin and measure the amount of UV exposure you’re getting through a connected app. The app can also give you personalized feedback on ways to be safer in the sunlight, so you can be sure that the advice you’re getting is perfect for you.


The Language of Glove

Scientists at the University of California in San Diego have created a device that translates sign language into text. The coolest part of this device, though, is that the pieces that make up this device cost less than one hundred dollars (which, in Silicon Valley, is chump change). All of the pieces that make this device are commercially accessible, and though it’s not available to the public quite yet, the fact that the glove was so easy to assemble (according to the scientists that built it) gives us hope that it’ll be a mainstream item sooner rather than later.




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