The Ultimate Guide to Buying Shoes That Fit Properly

It’s a mystery why so many of us buy shoes that aren’t even comfortable. The popularity of  our #1 ranking article, How To Make High Heels More Comfortable attests to this common problem. Sure, those stilettos look cute and all, but what’s the point of buying them if they’re going to be so uncomfortable that you’ll never wear them? Great looking shoes are no good if they just sit in your closet collecting dust.

So, before you buy another pair of unbearable shoes that you’ll never wear, it’s wise to take a few pointers before you go shopping. Our feet come in all different shapes and sizes, and even if you’re buying the size you’re supposed to,  your foot width, arch, and toe length can make your alleged “right” size all wrong. Thankfully, our friends at Walsh Brothers put together this handy infographic to help make buying your shoes easier AND ultimately more comfortable.

(click to enlarge)




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