The Two Key Things That ACTUALLY Clear Up Blackheads

It seems like everyday there is a  new miracle blackhead remover. From strips, to serums to masks to specially formulated elixirs -the promises are big while the results on their own are minimal. What most of these product labels don’t mention is that blackheads do not clear on their own -especially the deeply embedded ones.

They MUST be (1) extracted and (2) properly cleansed with a skincare brush twice per day to stay clear. As  much as we’d like to tell you that your blackheads will magically clear up with the latest “miracle” product, that’s just not reality. In fact proper brush cleansing and regular extractions is probably the only way to truly combat blackheads.  Cosmetic products on their own will not clear the most stubborn of blackheads. So instead of throwing away your hard earned cash on the latest blackhead “miracle” product, invest in a monthly professional extraction and a good skincare brush like the Clarisonic (this brush is skin transforming!) or if you’re on a budget try the Pretika brush. Use a mild and gentle exfoliating cleanser like Aloe Derma’a Acne Removing Deep Cleanser to cleanse once in the morning and once at night using a sonic style facial brush.

DIY Blackhead Extraction

If you’re a savvy skincare DIYer, you can also extract blackheads yourself using a double sided blackhead tool. It’s best to do this after a steamy shower when your pores are soft and open. Using the tool and a tissue immediately after steaming, gently press blackheads from your pores. If you have deep blackheads, you will probably need to do two consecutive rounds of extractions an hour apart.  After the first round, rinse your face and apply a thick layer of pure aloe vera gel. Allow the aloe to set in, then apply a clay based mask, like Aztec Secret Deep Pore Cleansing Clay. (Important: do not use an exfoliating mask as any sort of beta or hydroxy acid or enzyme will further redden the skin.) Keep the mask on for about an hour. Rinse and steam again. Using your extraction tool and a tissue, attempt to gently squeeze any remaining clogs from your pores. If nothing comes out after gently squeezing, the pore is clear.

Once your pores are finally clear of debris, you can maintain your blackhead free skin with your sonic brush and regular extractions. You can also add in your regular treatments and masks -now they may actually be effective!

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