The Search is Over: 15 Fashionable, Functional Backpacks Under $30

After running around day after day in the city with our overstuffed totes we were left with sore shoulders. We realized we probably needed to figure out a solution, but it wasn’t until a friend told us our shoulders could become lopsided over time from carrying a heavy one-sided bag, we decided we had to take the plunge. We had to get a backpack. However, our excursion to find a backpack that was cute, affordable, and functional left us wondering where all the cute backpacks were -or if they even existed! Store after store there were either few options or the price was ridiculous. (We even saw a canvas backpack for almost $200. Come on!)

We’re not exactly the Jansport toting types so we wanted find a backpack that would look cute with our outfits and fit all our girly things; plus our laptops, change of high heels, water bottle, and all the other junk women like to stuff into their bags. After failing to find anything in brick and mortar stores we took to the internet. Yes, we probably should’ve started our search online; however, we wanted an on-the-spot solution. Alas, we finally found the selection we were looking for online and quickly realized there were plenty of cute options -and many were under $30!

So, without further ado, here are all the cute options we found so that you don’t have to go on the wild goose chase we went on!




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