The One Easy DIY Jewelry & Cosmetic Organizing Tip You Need to Know

Tangled necklaces, check. Tarnished jewelry, check. Too many tubes of lipstick/lipgloss etc, check. Generally overloaded makeup bag, check. Too many over 4 oz. products at the airport, check. When it comes to beauty organizing dilemmas, we can all relate. But what if there was one simple way we could solve all these problems with just one quick solution? There is! It’s the called the very magical, super amazing and oh-so-simple everyone-should-have-them plastic divider container. Used mostly by fisherman and craft aficionados, this incredible little container is underrated and under-used by the average consumer.

Exhibit A: The Mystical Plastic Divider Container in its Natural Habitat


These “craft,” “tackle” box plastic divider cases or “pill” containers can be found in many depths and sizes and they’re the perfect solution to solving your cosmetic, makeup, and jewelry dilemmas. Here’s the breakdown on how to utilize these nifty little containers.

Problem: Lipstick Overload


Tubes here, tubes there, time to consolidate! Extend the lipstick as far as possible from the tube and remove with a small spatula or butter knife and drop in the container. Voila! You have an easy to use, easy to travel with lipstick palette. And it doesn’t end there, you can also do this for lipglosses and other thick makeup products like cream foundations, cream blushes/bronzers etc.

Problem: Too Big to Fly (aka TSA just jacked my $80 Unicorn DNA face mask)


There are few more devastating travel dilemmas than having an expensive product confiscated by TSA because it’s over 4 oz. Worse, even if the bottle contains less than 4 oz. of product but the bottle capacity is over 4 oz. they’ll still take it! Don’t let this happen to you. Use a small plastic divider container for traveling. Use only for thicker products that are difficult to bottle like masks, face creams, body butters, hair texturizers etc,  and always use separate containers for body and hair products. Use a spatula to add the desired, label each compartment and you’re all set. Take that TSA!

Problem: Tarnished and/or Tangled Jewelry

Haven’t we all spent an hour untangling a necklace chain -especially when traveling? Super annoying. On top of that, if you leave jewelry pieces undivided they tend to tarnish, so it’s always best to keep each piece separated. And what better way to do that than with a portable plastic divider container! You can find a variety of sizes for storing and travel. You’ll never deal with tangled jewelry again -either at home or on the road!

So do you LOVE this tip or what?! As always feel free to comment below or drop us a message. Happy organizing!




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