The Official Launch of STYLEFOX® Eco-Friendly Skincare

We’re excited to announce the official launch of STYLEFOX® solutions-focused eco-friendly skincare! Our proprietary vegan, cruelty-free products use only the most effective, non-toxic ingredients and are free of fillers, mineral oil, parabens, artificial colors, fragrance and contain no animal testing or animal byproducts.

The first products in our lineup are a collection of natural, preservative-free powdered face masks. Our highly targeted masks are jam-packed with only purposeful, effective ingredients (no cheap fillers) and focused on solving #skinproblems such as acne, post-extraction swelling, redness, dullness, congestion, dark spots, and fine lines –without preservatives, harsh ingredients or toxic chemicals.

Our masks are 100% eco-friendly; every aspect from the ingredients to the kraft paper packaging is biodegradable. We hope you love our masks as much as we do. For a limited time, use code BEAUTY20 to get 20% off your order + free shipping!

Choose from 5 targeted masks for specific skin problems:

STYLEFOX® Anti-Redness Calming Mask

Our soothing, post-extraction mask is jam-packed with powerful natural healing ingredients. It helps reduce swelling and redness caused by extractions, acne, and rosacea. Helps to rapidly restore skin health with calming natural ingredients and contains no irritating fragrance or artificial colors.

STYLEFOX®  Super Greens Skin Detox Mask

Our skin reviving detox mask is packed with nutrient-dense green superfoods, exfoliating fruit enzymes, and clarifying clay to deep cleanse and supercharge your complexion.

STYLEFOX®  Brighten + Glow Enzyme Mask & Scrub

This dual action exfoliating enzyme mask and scrub helps fade dark spots and discoloration, refines texture, and resurfaces the skin using fruit enzymes and vitamin c, leaving the complexion renewed and glowing.

STYLEFOX® Power Pore Charcoal Mask

Our most powerful clarifying mask for acne-prone skin. Draws out impurities from pores like a magnet to clear stubborn breakouts and decongest skin. Contains activated charcoal, antibacterial sulfur, tea tree oil, and fruit enzymes to deep clean your complexion, exfoliate, and banish acne.

STYLEFOX® Rejuvenating Rose Youth Glow Mask

 This anti-aging mask helps to refine the complexion and reduce fine lines while plumping and moisturizing skin, leaving it more vibrant and youthful. Excellent for mature and dry skin types.



Can’t decide which mask you want? Try 1 oz sizes of all 5 of our masks and find your favorite!

Desiree Rabuse

Desiree Rabuse is a social entrepreneur and founder & CEO of StyleFox®. She's a devout bookworm, a fan of "Dad" jokes, and an apparent INTP. She loves snowboarding, philosophy, traveling, martial arts, coffee, and helping people lead healthy, happy, more efficient lives.

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