5 Innovative New Beauty Gadgets To Try Now

We always love staying on top of the latest beauty trends before they hit the main stream, and thanks to ever-evolving technology, there is no shortage of exciting new devices to discover. Technological advances now make it possible to do at-home treatments that were once reserved for spas and dermatologist visits. Not only do these innovative new gadgets give you pro-quality results, but they’ll save you time and money. Here are a few new beauty devices to check out this year. 

JeNu Plus Ultrasonic Infuser

Have you ever noticed how skincare products tend to sit on top of your skin? Not only does this prevent the products from working as well, but it can also affect makeup application.  The JeNu Ultrasonic Infuser ($179) helps your products absorb, maximizing their effectiveness and ensuring smoother makeup application.  Simply massage the infuser on your skin after applying any product and it will help speed up the absorption process. The result? Smoother looking skin, easier makeup application, and increased product efficacy.



This magic wand is more than your typical at-home treatment. The Touch + Glow Wand ($98) is an acupuncture tool for your face that claims to reduce fine lines, decrease puffiness, improve texture, and rejuvenate skin.  This innovative skincare device was created by celebrity acupuncturist, Shellie Goldstein, also know as “the face whisperer” to the stars, and is touted as an alternative to invasive procedures such as dermal fillers and Botox. Best of all, the Touch+Glow wand isn’t just for your face; it can also be used on other pressure points on your body, providing acupuncture benefits from head to toe. 


INAIL Printer


inailThe INAIL Printer is exactly what it sounds like – a printer for nails that creates patterns specific to what a customer wants.  No matter how complex the pattern is – from leopard print to tiny stripes – the INAIL can print it to perfection for your next manicure. Imagine how much time and effort the INAIL printer can save you and manicurist? You can view some of the designs (and how the printer works) on their website, then patiently await the new version of the INAIL to hit your local salon.


Tangle Teezer

In the fight against tangled hair, one can never have too many tools.  The Tangle Teezer ($15) goes beyond your average wide tooth comb and uses patented technology to remove knots as style and dry your hair.  This compact, palm-sized brush works on all hair textures, and uses unique flexible teeth to detangle wet or dry hair while preventing pain and breakage.   


Foreo Iris

You should always be recognized for working hard and pulling more than your share of the weight at the office, but don’t let the dark circles under your eyes do the talking for you.  This gadget was created specifically for your eyes and is inspired by an Asian lymphatic drainage technique that uses fingertip tapping.  Designed and approved by an ophthalmologist, the IRIS eye massager utilizes T-Sonic technology which vibrates at a high speed to stimulate blood flow and dissipate excess fluid under the eye, resulting in reduction of eye bags, puffiness, and darkness. Simply apply your favorite eye cream, place the Foreo Iris ($139) under your eyes, and let it pulse. 






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