The MANY Incredible Health Benefits of Running

There is a reason for the term “runner’s high.” Running has so many amazing health benefits and it’s one of the most simple, accessible ways to get an effective workout. Not only does it burn tons of calories, but it makes your heart stronger, your mind clearer, and your body lean and healthy. It’s also an excellent warm-up to any workout. A 10-15 minute run will get your muscles loosened up and ready for strength training. Whether you’re a casual runner or a marathoner getting ready for big events like the Zappos Bay To Breakers race, here are a few of the incredible benefits of running -and why you should start (or never stop) clocking those miles!

It Makes You Happier

It’s no mystery that exercise boosts your mood and helps stave off anxiety and depression. Running is one of the best ways to blow off steam, clear your mind, and energize your spirit. If you’re ever having a bad day or are just feeling down, go for a run. It will immediately help boost your energy and happiness.

It Builds Lean Muscle

If you’ve ever noticed, runners are super lean. Running builds lean, long muscles. Unlike other workouts that can bulk you up, running keeps you svelte, so if  you want to get a great workout without getting too muscular, running is a great option. It’s also the best way to warm up before any strength-training. I typically run at least 10-15 minutes before each workout.

Pre-workout warm-up.
My favorite energizing, pre-workout warm-up!


It Helps Prevent Cancer

A study done by the University of Vermont found that men who exercised were 68% less likely to develop lung cancer and 38% less likely to develop colorectal cancers than inactive men. In women, a study by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that all women who exercised more than 3 hours per week, regardless of their genetic history or risk factor, had a 30% to 40% lower risk of breast cancer. The same study found that active women also had a 38% to 46% reduced risk of developing uterine cancer. Yes, that daily run can literally save your life!

It Strengthens Your Entire Body

Running strengthens everything! From your mind to your heart to your joints and knees. Every single part of your body benefits from running. If you want a total mind and body workout, running is your best friend.

Stronger knees, legs, and joints are just a few of the many benefits of running.
Stronger knees, legs, and joints are just a few of the many benefits of running.

It Helps You Live Longer

A study done by Harvard in 2012 found that as little as 75 minutes of exercise per week increased life expectancy in all participants (including those who were obese) by 1.8 years. For those exercising 150 minutes or more per week, life expectancy increased 3.9 to 7.2 years, respectively, among healthy weight individuals. So, going for a moderate 20 minute jog a few times a week can really maximize your life!

Gear Up

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All warmed up and ready for my workout!
All warmed up and ready for my workout!

Thanks for hooking us up with these goodies, Zappos. Our fitness style is rocking now!

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Happy running!



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