5 Natural Tips For Keeping Your Skin Healthy & Glowing

No matter how many effective, quality products you buy, the truth is if you take care of your skin from the start you will probably never need expensive products or surgeries.  While I do use a Clarisonic face brush a couple times a week, the rest of my routine is quite low maintenance. A good eye cream, an SPF BB cream and the occasional mask is my regular skincare routine.  Of course every skin type is different, but that’s how I keep my complexion healthy. But what really helps keep your skin wrinkle-free and youthful is simple healthy living. Sure, it takes effort, but healthy living is free.  So, if you want a youthful complexion, yes, you must take care of yourself. There’s no way around it. Here are 5 natural ways to keep your skin glowing and healthy!


Sleep is the #1 anti-ager. It’s called “beauty sleep” for a reason! Getting a full night of rest helps keep your cells rejuvenated and glowing. Without rest, your body does not have time to regenerate and the result is eye bags, less healthy skin,  and wrinkles.  Making an effort to get 7-8 hours of sleep per night will help keep your skin glowing -no matter what age you are!

Limit sun exposure

Yes, doctors tell us to do this, but so many of us sadly do not listen and can end up with premature wrinkles and even worse -skin cancer.  If you want that golden glow without damaging your skin, two words: fake bake! Do a spray tan, a temporary bronzer,  but whatever you do, protect your skin from the sun!  If you do opt to lay out always wear a wide brim sunhat and at least 30 SPF sunblock such as Shiseido’s Urban Environment Protector.

Do not smoke and limit alcohol consumption

Everyone knows what smoking does to your skin. It literally sucks the life out of your body. While you may get away with puffing away in your 20’s, it will catch up to you by your 30’s in the form of sallow skin and premature aging.  Heavy drinkers will not fare much better.  Drinking alcohol dehydrates your skin and acts as a poison in your body.  While a night out here and there and glass of red wine at dinner is fine, binge drinking and consuming more than 3 drinks at a time several times a week will take a toll on your skin and body.


Always wash your face at night

Never go to sleep with makeup on. No matter how tired you are! Even if you haven’t worn makeup all day, you still need to cleanse before bed, as dirt and oil builds up throughout the day. Without proper cleansing, your pores will clog and dead skill cells will build up leading to a bumpy and uneven complexion.

Proper Nutrition

Overeating and under-eating both cause premature aging. If you starve your body of nutrients, you will ultimately make yourself look older. If you binge on unhealthy foods, it will also take a toll on your health and complexion.  Refined sugars, processed foods, artificial sweeteners, sodas, and  caffeine consumption should be limited as much as possible. We know it’s hard to turn down that slice of pie, but the key is moderation. It’s all about moderation!

That’s it. If you start making changes in those five areas of your life, you’ll see a difference! No expensive products or surgery required.



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Desiree Rabuse

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