The Complexion Tune-up: How to Banish Breakouts with a Dermal Oil Change

Sounds crazy, right? Why would you put oil on already oily, troubled skin? Well, foxes, in this case you gotta fight fire with fire! What is the only thing that breaks down oil? Other oils!  How does this work? Oils such as extra virgin olive oil, castor oil, and jojoba oil break down clogged pores and go deep to dissolve impurities. Basically these oils dissolve contaminated, bacteria infested oil in the pores and replace is with clean oil. Think of it as an oil change for your skin!

Next, it tricks your skin into thinking it’s produced enough oil, so it stops overproducing sebum. The key is using pure, natural oils. It’s called the “oil cleansing method” and it can save your skin and stop breakouts in their tracks. Best of all, it’s inexpensive and gentle on your skin. Most people see positive results quickly. Everyone’s skin has different needs, so you may want to experiment with oil combinations, but here’s our recommended oil cleansing method.

What You’ll Need

Pure Extra virgin olive oil

Pure Castor oil

Pure Jojoba oil

An empty cosmetic bottle

Wash Cloth

Very important: Oils must be in their pure state! Read the label to make sure they’re 100% pure –no other added ingredients whatsoever.

How To

First and foremost, stop using any harsh cleansers and moisturizers while trying this method. We also recommend discontinuing acne treatments so that you can really see how this method works for you. You may find you stop breaking out and don’t need treatments anymore!

Step 1:  Mix 50% extra virgin olive oil with 50% castor oil. Shake well.

Step 2: Pour a quarter size amount into palm of hand and rub all over dry, clean skin. You can use this over makeup as well but we prefer using a gentle non-drying cleanser to remove makeup first so that the oil penetrates deeper. Massage on skin for 2-5 minutes. If you want an extra deep clean allow the oil to sit on your skin for 10-2o minutes. You might feel little grainy pieces as you massage -these are the clogs and dead skin coming out of your pores. Gross, but awesome!

Step 3: Next, you’re going to steam your face using a warm wash cloth. Lay the cloth over your face and let it sit for a minute then gently massage your skin, removing any excess oil.

Step 4: On damp skin, apply a dime size amount of jojoba oil all over face. Allow to soak in for a minute then gently pat face with a clean towel to set oil into skin and remove excess.

Your face should look shine-free, not oily afterward. If it looks shiny, you’ve used too much jojoba oil.

That’s it! You can adjust the ingredients depending on what works for you. Give it a try and let us know what you think!

Recommended Products

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