The Busy / Lazy Girl’s Guide To Working Out

Let’s face it, getting in amazing shape is no easy task! And when your schedule is beyond crazy, it can become nearly impossible to squeeze a basic workout into your daily duties.

If going to gym or even finding the motivation to get moving seems to be a challenge for you, we’ve consulted two of our favorite fitness experts to help you get over that workout hurdle in no time.

 Necessary Motivation

Preparing yourself for that much needed workout is hard. To embark on your fitness journey properly, it’s always best to have a game plan set in motion. Start by scheduling your workouts throughout the week; that way you can stick to your goals easily.

Be sure to schedule exercises in the calendar four days a week. If you try to do more than that, it may not be realistic and you won’t stick with it. If you include weekends, that means that you only need to schedule two to three workouts a week. Most of us can manage that,” explains Ellen O’Hara, founder of Core Asset Fitness Training, LLC, in Westwood, MA.

 Workout At Work

If a long work week is keeping you from hitting the gym, it’s easy to sneak in some beneficial moves throughout your work day. By making small changes like switching out your footwear or taking the stairs for a change, you’re still moving without even thinking about it.

“Start moving more by ditching the heels! If you wear high heels, you are probably subconsciously moving less during the day. If you are wearing shoes with a heel of two inches or less, you are more likely to get up from your desk during the day and move around more,” Ellen O’Hara finds.

Got some time in between meetings? Take advantage of your breaks by climbing the stairs to get some blood flowing.

“Do some steps at your break. Hit the stair wells for ten minutes, three times a day. You will have a 30 minute step workout in before you even leave the office. Also, drinking lots of water really helps! In consuming more liquids, you will go to the bathroom more. This definitely encourages you to get up,” O’Hara adds.

 Two Time Saving Workouts

If time commitment is your biggest problem, you can do easy exercises while watching your favorite shows at night.

Thanks to Sulyn Silbar, Orthopedic massage therapist and owner of New York studio, Body + Mind NYC, this effective workout allows to tone and sculpt while still having time for other things on your to-do list.

Workout 1

Step One: March in place, knees up and arms swinging.

Step Two: Do some squats. Stick your butt out and lower down, push through your heels to straighten back up.

Step Three: Try some star crosses. Stand with arms out to your sides, legs wide, bring right arm and left leg to meet in the center of your body. Alternate arms and legs.

Step Four: Next, it’s time for some airplanes. Lie on your stomach, arms out to your sides, legs together. On the exhale lift arms, legs and head. Hold for three seconds and lower down.

Step Five: Top it off with crunches! Lie on your back, hands behind your neck, legs bent and feet flat on the floor. On the exhale, roll your head neck and chest towards the ceiling. Flatten out your low back as you rise, and pull your belly button down to the floor. With control lower down.

Workout 2

Want to add a chair into the mix? Try Silbar’s three step routine to change things up. All you need is a straight back chair.

Step One: Start by sitting in the chair, make sure your knees are directly above your ankles (90 degrees) and feet flat on the floor. Cross your arms in front of you, and raise your elbows so you have 90 degrees at your shoulders.

Step Two: Stand up by pressing your heels into the ground. Sit back down, keep your arms up the whole time. Repeat this about 15 times.

Step Three: Using the same chair stand to the side of it, place your left hand on the back of the chair, and place your right foot on top. Step up onto the chair. Lower yourself down and repeat eight times. Then, switch sides.

What workout shortcuts do you recommend? Feel free to comment below and continue the conversation with us on Facebook and Twitter!



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