The Best Sunglasses For Your Face Shape (According to the Pros)

Sunglasses are a universal accessory that never go out of style; no matter what the current trends are or what season it is. They can pull together any look, conceal tired eyes resulting from a rowdy night out, or just help you avoid your ex on the street. 

If you’ve ever been frame shopping at a bonafide sunglass boutique, you know how serious the pros are about buying a frame that best complements your face.  An accessory this important should be tailored to your features, but too often we just settle for whatever style of sunglasses are most popular or on sale. While we’re advocates for wearing whatever you want, like clothing, certain styles are more complementary to our shapes. For example, have you ever tried on a pair of sunglasses and shrieked, “absolutely not!” There is a reason for that and it’s called simple geometry. Some styles are simply more flattering on certain face shapes than others.  Here’s our guide to the most geometrically appealing sunglasses frames for each face shape, according to the pros.

Face Shape: Round

Most Complementary Frame: Square


Flatter a round face by adding angles with square frames. Since the features on a round face are softened, square or rectangular frames create dimension, sort of like using bronzer to contour a round face defines the cheekbones and enhances the chin.

Face Shape: Square

Most Complementary Frame: Round


round2If you have a square face like Angelina Jolie or Paris Hilton, you are built to rock round framed sunglasses, as round features will complement your pointed facial features. This does not hold true for regular glasses, though, since large round frames for standard glasses haven’t been in style since the ‘90s. Instead, LensCrafters recommends small, rounded rectangular frames so that you still get the feature-softening benefits of the round frames.

Face Shape: Heart

Most Complementary Frame: Aviators


aviatorsAccording to the Sunglass Hut, the oblong-shaped aviator style are most flattering on a heart-shaped face, where they use their bottom heavy frames to elongate and enhance heart shaped facial features. Heart-shaped faces typically are wider on the sides as opposed to the top or bottom of the face, and a nice pair of aviators or large, round frames will enhance your great cheek bones.

Face Shape: Oval

Most Complementary Frame: Any

sunglassWell anyone can wear any sunglass shape, but if you are a woman with an oval shaped face, this shape is especially complementary to any style of sunglasses. From the adorable cat eye frames that look like Audrey Hepburn reincarnated as an accessory to the heart shaped glasses you’d find at Coachella, oval shaped gals will have an especially easy time finding a pair of sunglasses they like. 

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