The Best Money-Saving Face Mask Dupes


We’re back with another money-saving infographic! Last time we rounded up our favorite makeup dupes, so this time we’ll be giving you the lowdown on our favorite affordable masks that do just as good of a job as their expensive counterparts.

As  you may have noticed, we’ve tried a lot of products -more than we can count. We’re always trying out the latest cosmetics searching for effective products. Today’s round up includes a series of different types of masks that work on various skintypes from oily and acne-prone to dry, sensitive and everything in between. While we all want healthy skin,  dropping $30 on a mask is not always in everyone’s budget.

Luckily you can find products out there that work just as good for a fraction of the cost. Plus, if a product doesn’t work for you, it’s much less of a blow if it’s inexpensive. So, without further adieu, here is our roundup of the best facial mask dupes.

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  1. Glenda Smith says:

    Thanks for the tips. Can’t afford the most costly products, so always appreciate the helpful hints.

  2. Awesome beauty tips! Wanted to try GlamGlownfor a while but hated the price tag. I’ll give L’Oréal a shot first and see how that is! 🙂

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