The Best Careers For Your Personality Type

Did you know over 60% of HR professionals use personality tests to vet candidates during the hiring process? The Meyer Briggs personality type indicator has been around since the 1920’s and has been used as an effective way to navigate many aspects of life including career, love, likes, dislikes, and even potential personality disorders.

If you’ve never taken a personality test, it’s definitely worth considering. It can give  you insight to aspects of your personality you may not be aware of, helping you make better decisions. If you don’t know your MBTI type, you can take a free test here.

When it comes to choosing a career (or moving to another career path), knowing your MBTI type can help you hone in on what you’re truly passionate about and avoid outside influences that may be steering you in the wrong direction. Maybe your parents want you to be a doctor, but you would rather have a career in the arts. Knowing yourself first can help you choose what’s right for you, without all the external noise.

Now that you know your personality type, here’s a helpful infographic to help you choose the right career.mbti



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