The 9 Women-Founded CBD Brands We Fancy for Spring


It’s an incredible time to be a woman, especially a woman working in the new hottest product category, CBD.  While the traditional cannabis industry has been inundated with male founders, women are breaking the glass ceiling yet again by dominating and founding CBD brands. 

These women are dedicated to pushing out amazing clean CBD beauty and wellness brands. Why are women having more success within this category? Because we know beauty and wellness on an elevated level and we are constantly on the hunt for new best beauty and wellness products 24/7. We salute our female founders and the males in place to help support their vision; you’ve nailed it. 

With everyone (including their grandma and dog) inquisitive about all things CBD, we wanted to take a moment to spotlight a few of the amazing women founded CBD brands. All these incredible products are curated and sold by the CBD Beauty Corner and can be found online at as well as in-store at The Salon Project by Joel Warren within the Saks Fifth Avenue flagship in NYC. 

Shooting for the Moon with MOON MOTHER HEMP

Jessica Bates is passionate about creating sustainable and clean, health and beauty products. As a certified clinical herbalist, Jessica’s decade long experience of working with medicinal herbs is incorporated into her formula production. Her dedication to women’s health and wellbeing also plays a role in Moon Mother product development. With 15 years of experience as a medical care provider in the cannabis space, co-founder Edward Bates’s drive for providing access to high-quality organic cannabis is rooted in eco-consciousness and sustainability. He serves as lead farmer and production manager ensuring quality from the growth stages through the final product. As the parents of two young children, Jessica and Edward strive to ensure that Moon Mother Hemp Company creates products that are clean for the present generation, and sustainable for the future.


She’s a historic industry expert in health  and wellness + her holistic dedication to all things female gives us confidence in our abilities and her Moon Mother brand .


Moon Mother 3 Part Beauty System $185


Dancing into the dream with HORA SKINCARE

Hora Skin Care was developed in December 2017 after many years of being a beauty care consumer Samantha Cziubak decided to turn brand founder. She tested product after product, and even began to create several of her own samples, yet one thing that was quickly recognized at the time, was the lack of CBD as an ingredient added to traditional beauty products. Not only was there a lack of CBD products to purchase, but also a lack of education on CBD being included as an ingredient. After combining her curated list of active ingredients – along with CBD – it allowed her and her team to create products that work together to help hydrate, protect & regenerate the skin. As Hora continues to expand its product line, they hope to keep educating new and old customers on all things CBD: types of CBD, benefits of CBD, and where this booming industry is going!


Samantha started out just like us! Another beauty product junkie, and she took the dive into founder hood. Her commitment to CBD education and awareness and combining it with skincare gives us the feels for her and her brand. 


Hora Super Serum $54


A Must Try for our Self Care with TRIBEauty

Co-founded in 2015 by Investor and Serial Entrepreneur Degelis “Dege” Tufts and Cannabis Advocate and Influencer Kymberly “KymB” Byrnes, TribeTokes is a producer of premium CBD wellness products, full spectrum CBD vapes and lifestyle accessories. TribeTokes creates and distributes merchandise with an elevated aesthetic for the next generation cannabis consumer: who respect plant science, consume mindfully and expect premium quality products from trusted brands. Debuted in 2019 with the same drive for quality and consumer transparency, TRIBEauty is a complete line of skincare products that harnesses the power of clean beauty with CBD, plant botanicals and natural extracts to create naturally radiant complexions.


This boss babe duo truly showcase the power of two female founders with complimentary backgrounds. Teamwork makes the dreamwork and they have proved that dual minds are greater than one + their products make our skin gleam. 


TRIBEauty SuperFood Mask $60


#FixyourVibe, All your Vibes with TONIC

Combining her background in the health and wellness industry with her love for cannabis and passion for helping others heal, Brittany Carbone created original,  plant-based formulations that elevate the effects of CBD to further our body’s ability to cope with stress and maintain our essential mind/body balance. TONIC is focused on elevating the conversation around cannabis & wellness and empowering other women to rise up and claim space in this budding industry. TONIC is a self-sustaining company, using CBD sourced from hemp grown on their organic family farm, Tricolla Farms, located in upstate NY.


If you need your vibe fixed, your chill elevated and your encouragement lifted Brittany is that boo! She is all about GIRL POWER and we obsess over her desire to increase and uplift the conversation around cannabis and wellness + her products are sincerely a daily tonic needed to be added to your regimen.


Tonic Chronic CBD Roll-on $30


Do it the #MarysWay with MARY’S NUTRITIONALS

Mary’s founder and CEO first launched Mary’s Medicinals in 2013 when adult-use cannabis passed in Colorado. Lynn Hondered saw a need for education and accurately dosed products in order for patients to maximize the relief they experienced when using cannabis for medicinal purposes. She also saw the void in the CBD industry and made the call to create a complimentary line of CBD products with Mary’s Nutritionals. Mary’s Nutritionals  adheres to four key pillars of which it was founded: accurate dosing, convenient use, clean delivery, and a consumer-first mentality.


Lynn came into cannabis when females weren’t as kindly welcomed, she has helped paved the path for where we are today! Mary’s Nutritionals uses the latest in nutritional science to create plant based products that nourish body, mind and spirit.


Mary’s Nutritionals Transdermal CBD Patch $10


Beauty Hoarding Turned Beauty Magic with  STYLEFOX BEAUTY

Stylefox founder and acclaimed beauty product hoarder, Desiree Rabuse, researched beauty and wellness products for years with much trial and error, she was in search of products that actually held up to their claims and weren’t filled with harmful chemicals. She found some favorites, but she also discovered voids in the marketplace. And then came her new mission to create what she was on the hunt for. In 2019, she launched StyleFox Beauty, the only beauty brand on the market specializing in plant-based, preservative-free powdered face masks and cold-pressed facial oils, with hemp-infused products that are even greener. Not only are all their ingredients non-toxic, vegan and sustainable, but they are also packaged in biodegradable and recyclable materials.


Desiree Rabuse is the ultimate BOSSBABE and entrepreneur. She founded in 2013 as an online destination for all things wellness, beauty and self-care, launching StyleFox Beauty thereafter in 2019. We love her hustle and her dedication to clean beauty and sustainability.



STYLEFOX BEAUTY Super Greens Mask $25

STYLEFOX BEAUTY Clarifying  Skin Booster $42


A kiss from the ‘Tree of Life’ with KISKANU

On a mission with a passion for the plant and all it’s cannabinoids, Kiskanu is serious about education and helping their clients find complete wellness.  Located in Northern California’s Humboldt County, Kiskanu is a family owned and operated business with deep roots in the cannabis industry. Their handmade small batch CBD beauty and wellness products are made with organic materials and hemp grown in the USA. Founder Gretchen Miller has over 20 years of experience  in the cannabis industry, and brings her knowledge to their Hemp CBD line of beauty products. 



Gretchen touts all the characteristics of a wonderful woman founder, what matters to her most, also matters to us, education and “know your source” CBD. Kiskanu is committed to supporting organic farming methods, sustainable practices, organic ingredients, and offering safe, lab-tested products to their community.



KISKANU CBD Face Oil $40


A full deck with TAROT CBD


Kate Manson’s personal health story began where it does for many people: an over-dependence on traditional western medicine to cope with severe anxiety, depression, and ADHD. In 2018, she decided to make a complete lifestyle change and stopped taking all prescription medications and switched to CBD, meditation, diet, and exercise. CBD continues to help her manage anxiety and depression, rather than cover up the problems with medications that come with myriad side effects. She built a company that reflects her own wellness journey. Before starting this company, what she saw missing from the CBD market were products that enhance health properties with the use of added herbal adaptogens. Tarot combines CBD with damiana, elderberry, valerian root, and turmeric to make trusted plant-based herbal remedies. 



Kate realized the issues with traditional western medicines and took the plunge to all natural health and wellness through the use of CBD. We honor her transparency and honesty, leading her to create such great CBD products.  



TAROT Vibrance – ELDERBERRY Rose Tonic CBD Tincture $64


The Power of Giving Back with GRACIOUS OM

Gracious Om is a woman owned and operated company founded by Andrea Barrera. This brand is focused on the natural and organic approaches to self-care and beauty. Gracious Om strives to promote self-love and celebrates each and every soul’s unique beauty.  They believe that everything they create should be sustainable, cruelty free & eco-friendly, which is why all their products are carefully crafted with the highest standards and purest ingredients. They say NO to toxins, parabens, sulfates, and dyes. Their Hemp CBD infused products are made from organic, sustainably grown, Non GMO Hemp, cultivated by expert manufactures they know & trust. The master key has always been to create with intention so when you incorporate Gracious Om to your self-care ritual, know that each product is filled with love & good energy!


Andrea officially founded Gracious Om in 2018 after prioritizing her own self-care and leaving her 9-5 to do some serious soul searching. Her objective was to regain her happiness. Happiness, she felt she lost on her path to achieving society’s definition of success. We love how her own self care and personal journey has brought her to the CBD game and how she has found ways to give back beyond the industry.


Rose Mist Toner $22


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