TechStyle NYC Brings Innovative Brands to SXSW

SXSW is one of the most coveted annual events, where technology, music, innovation, art, and everything in between merges for one heck of a good time . This year TechStyle NYC headed to Austin to host their guest retreat, held at the Amala Foundation, where they transformed the Bar Works Pop-up into a zen-inspired lounge chock full of socially conscious brands, drinks featuring Michter’s Whiskey, and a panel, “How Socially Conscious Brands Build Customer Appeal and Profits.”

TechStyle NYC SXSW Retreat
TechStyle NYC SXSW Retreat

The panel was moderated by AlleyWatch CEO and Founder, Reza Chowdhury and included panelists Jonna Piira, Co-Founder of Kali, Marisa de Belloy, Chief Operating Officer of Cool Effect, Kat Kinkead, Community Manager of Shapeways and Tahiyira Cordner, Head of Operations for Bar Works NYC. The panel discussed the importance of sustainable brands and how it’s not only good for society, but contributes to the success and consumer trust of a business.  After the panel, guests enjoyed a showcase of innovative, curated brands selected by TechStyle NYC.

Shapeways 3D Printing

Among the brands was Shapeways, a “marketplace for makers” who are fascinated with the 3D Printed world. Shapeways offers over 50 materials including metal, porcelain, and aluminum, so you can create virtually anything you could possibly need or want. “You can discover products crafted by their community of designers” OR “You can create personal products regardless of your skill level.”  

ic! Berlin 3D Printed Sunglasses
ic! Berlin 3D Printed Sunglasses

Another 3D printing brand in attendance was  ic! Berlin. This innovative German company designs and produces screwless glasses and sunglasses in its own “Produktion Haus” in Berlin. All products are handcrafted 100% in Germany and ic! berlin is considered  “a child of the new Berlin entrepreneurial revolution.” Each high quality “virtually indestructable” ic! berlin frame features a patented, one-of-a-kind screwless hinge system, so you’ll never break your glasses again!

Kali Organic Tampon Subscription Service
Kali Organic Tampon Subscription Service
Returning straight off NYFW, Kali, an organic and socially conscious tampon subscription box founded in 2014 by friends Jonna Piira and Sara Shake, was there to celebrate their partnership with GirlUp. A portion of sales benefit, “uniting girls to change the world.” Tampons, a seemingly innocuous item, have been the center of a few controversies, including the fact that the FDA doesn’t monitor how they are produced. Kali is educating women on the importance of using 100% certified organic tampons. Kali’s monthly subscription ($25) also includes wipes and Rosewater facial toner.
Cool Effect
Cool Effect

Climate change is another hot topic that many brands (and consumers) are paying attention to. Cool Effect,  a non-profit designed to unite people with the common goal of fighting global warming, is one company that is making big moves to curb the issue.  Cool Effect “enables individuals to have a direct and personal impact by connecting them with the highest-quality carbon reducing projects around the globe. By giving people the ability to simply and directly fund these projects, we’re creating a massive, cumulative effect toward preventing carbon pollution. Because we believe together, small actions ignite planet-sized change.”

Cool Effect helped raise awareness at the event by asking attendees to take a photo and answer the question, “What on Earth do you want to save?” With Cool Effect’s high standards, fewer than 1% of the world’s CO₂ projects make the  cut. Cool Effect ensures that each project you participate in  will actually reduce carbon pollution.

Resto Presto
Resto Presto

Another innovative brand in attendance was RestoPresto. RestoPresto® is a portable, compact mat that you can roll out in a snap next time you need a place to sit. It’s lightweight, thin and durable with an “all-in-one” patented design so the mat can be stuffed back into its small, stretchy pouch easily.  With its water repellent design, UPF 50+ fabric, it’s the perfect, go-to item for your next outing.

VanDerWaals app-enabled, color changing handbags.

Last, but certainly not least was the unbelievably cool brand, VanDerWaals.  Have you ever owned an app-enabled handbag that can change color with the swipe of a finger? Pretty awesome, right? VanDerWaals was inspired by the “human desire for self-expression.” Using patented technologies, VanDerWaals has developed an app-enabled handbag that can change color like a chameleon with the touch of your phone to match a look, mood or the environment. Yes, this is a real thing. What a cool world we live in!


This post was brought to you by TechStyle NYC. All opinions are our own.

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