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is a curated, socially responsible fashion, beauty, lifestyle blog, social media community, and shopping site for women. Our site embodies three main aspects: a blog, a social media community (“Style File”), and Style Fox’s direct fashion, beauty, and lifestyle sales & ‘Fox Box’ subscription service.


Style Fox’s monthly subscription service provides our members with private designer, beauty, lifestyle brand sales as well as discounts and free products and samples via our ‘Fox Box.’ Each month we curate an array of select fashion, beauty, and lifestyle companies; from designer clothing to gym membership discounts to beauty products and spa deals, so there is always something new and exciting for our subscribers!

Our direct sales are the best. Unlike other “flash sale” sites which sell overstock, last season, or limited items and sizes (which are often sold out before one can even sign in!), our members get access to the brand’s entire current stock, directly through the brand’s website.  With discounts at up to 60% off, our subscribers save big on products and services they’re already buying!   In addition to our designer sales we offer exclusive offers, discounts, and free samples via our digital ‘Fox Box.’ Throughout the month we drop surprise “goodies” into your ‘Fox Box’ –from discounts to free products and samples. Every time we drop a new “goodie,” we’ll notify you. Simply sign into your account and choose the offers you want to redeem We’re constantly seeking out products and discounts from new and established brands, so there’s always something new to discover at Style Fox!


Style Fox’s mission is to inspire and inform readers in a positive environment.  A place where readers go for not only the latest fashion and beauty news, but for encouragement, inspiration, and hopefully a giggle or two. Through our blogs we encourage a healthy lifestyle and body image in a fun approachable way. Style Fox is all about optimal living. Whether it’s finding the best, affordable beauty products, discovering great deals, or giving advice on achieving goals, we love solutions! We cover everything from the latest trends to hard-to-tackle issues like cellulite and acne. We believe true beauty is loving and accepting ourselves -perceived “flaws” and all. We believe every woman should feel great about herself regardless of dress size, socioeconomic status, age, or ethnicity. We want our readers to feel amazing every time they visit our site. In addition to our blogs, we post daily quotes for inspiration!


Style Fox’s “Style File” provides a niche style community away from all the clutter of generalized social media sites. At Style Fox women are free to connect, inspire each other, talk about fashion, beauty, life and general “girl stuff” –all to their hearts desire! Members can create a profile, discover new brands, blogs, and events, follow their favorite brands, fellow fashion lovers, celebrities, and more! Add photos to your “inspiration board,” upload your favorite articles, brands, videos, and blogs! “File” away all your favorites and share them with friends. Let your friends know what you’re up to through status updates and your event calendar.  Style File is the only site that organizes your fashion life and connects you with like-minded people. It’s the ultimate social fashion site!


To top it off, we donate a portion of subscription proceeds to our partnered charity every month. The more we grow, the more direct designer sales we have, and the more we donate. (Yep, awesome!) The concept is simple, our subscription service pays for itself in more ways than one. It’s the only service of its kind and we love it. We hope you do too!


First and foremost, Style Fox believes in social responsibility. Not only through our content, but through charitable donations. Our mission is to combine the power of fashion and media to raise awareness and help influence positive societal change. Style Fox is “positively beautiful!”




      Style File | Copyright © 2012 Style Fox. All rights reserved.


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