How Swissotel Is Setting The Standard For Luxury Travel + Wellness

There’s one thing we’re all investing more in, and that’s wellness, experiences, and travel. Now more than ever people are seeking adventures and beautiful destinations. Suffice it to say the travel industry is booming! Along with the uptick in travel, hotels are stepping up their offerings. As is the case with Swissotel, a Swedish hotel conglomerate that is combining luxury accommodations with wellness and sustainability.

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Jacuzzi suite at Swissotel Kolkata.

The Swiss have long been known for their sustainable culture as well as being the “happiest country on earth” with the highest quality of life, according to a recent study, so it’s no wonder they’re setting the standard for a new era of luxury hotels that emphasize sustainability along with wellness. From their downloadable mindfulness podcasts  to their  extensive list of Vitality guides to their relaxing menu of Purovel spa treatments, fresh squeezed juices, and fitness class offerings, Swissotel is not just a hotel where you go to lay your head down, but a full service wellness retreat.

One especially impressive concept of Swissotel is their innovative “Vitality Room.” This modern, luxe room is described as a “holistic hotel room concept that adapts to the needs of its guests.” It includes a clean, minimalistic design chock full of futuristic features such as aroma & light therapy bathtubs, a “cyber trainer” television that has built-in fitness training, an air purification system, and circadian light settings to help you get a better night’s sleep, among other wellness features. Check out the video below to learn more about Swissotel’s Vitality Room.

Swissotel is also dedicated to sustainability. Each property is managed and built to minimize environmental impact. Swissotel prides itself on purchasing and sub-contracting through companies that embrace sustainable development and ethical standards.  They regularly report on their sustainability performance and set new targets for becoming more environmentally friendly. You can learn more about Swissotel’s sustainability program here.

With their innovative, luxurious accommodations, emphasis on wellness, and sustainability standards, what’s not to love about Swissotel?

To book your retreat and see a full list of award winning Swissotel properties, you can go here.

Happy (relaxing) travels!



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