Summer Music Festival Inspired Fashion Trends We Love

Music festivals are a great way to celebrate warm weather – and they’re also a great way to see what the new spring and summer fashion trends are!  It’s no secret that our favorite fashionistas always wow us with their festival outfits (here’s looking at you, Vanessa Hudgens!), but we love keeping an eye on what new (or vintage) trends show up most among festival goers.  Don’t believe in the power of music festival fashion? Here‘s a list of recent fashion trends that came from your favorite music festivals. 

Off-the-Shoulder Tops

Not only do these tops look effortless to wear, but you’ll never have to worry about tanktop tan lines again! This style is very popular for summer 2016, and the boho chic style plays into the free-spirited vibe of music festivals. This style comes in a lot of different fabrics, colors, and patterns, but we recommend a lighter fabric with longer sleeves so you can be comfortable for day and night performances.

Fun Sunglasses

Sure, it’s not bad to have a black pair of sunglasses that go with everything you wear, but why not use the opportunity to wear something with a pop of color? Whether it’s Pantone’s color of this spring, triangle frames, or a new floral pattern you’ve been waiting months to wear, pick a pair of sunglasses that will stand out from the rest.  It’s an easy way to have fun with your style and to practice safe summer skincare!

Cozy Rompers

 Who needs to worry about pairing your top with perfectly matching shorts when you can have a piece of clothing that does that for you?  Rompers are a perfect summertime outfit, and they’re great for any activity that’s, well, active.  It’s has everything you want in a cute sundress and allows you to rock out to your tunes in style (and without worrying about VPL).  With the resurgence in 70s fashion, don’t be surprised to see rompers with crop top-esque cut outs or peasant sleeves.  (And yes, we’re including shortalls in this category. Just make sure to wear a cute tank or bandeau underneath!)

Chic Sneaks

The person who said “pain is beauty” clearly never went to a music festival in heels!  Instead of bringing a first-aid kit to mend your blistered feet, stick with comfortable shoes that you’ve worn a few times beforehand.  Solid color sneakers with thick soles will provide enough support for you to dance to your favorite musicians all day, and you won’t have to worry about your stilettos sinking into the ground as you walk.


You can never have too much fringe at a music festival! Whether it’s draping your suede jacket or lining the zipper of your purse, fringe is a staple of music festival fashion. You’re pretty much never going to go wrong with a fringed accessory at a festival. While festivals are a time to enjoy music with your favorite artists, it’s also become a time to experiment with fashion choices, so don’t be afraid to let your fringe be as long (or as short) as your hair.



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