Summer Essentials Every Woman Needs

Summer is in full swing and we can’t be more excited! Long sunny days, beach escapes, summer Fridays, and of course plenty of traveling and social activities. Most of us are way more active in the summer months, and that means we’re often running around from activity to activity. Whether you’re going to the beach, meeting friends for an outdoor happy hour, or headed to the gym, you’ll love these summer essentials that we don’t leave home without.


Obviously sunscreen is a must for the hot summer sun! You should be wearing sunscreen year around, but especially during the summer months. Never leave home without applying sunscreen, and if you know you’ll be sweating or in the water, be sure to bring a travel size tube with you to avoid sunburns and premature aging.


For those of us who never really know when our cycle is coming, keeping tampons on hand is super important. New Tampax Pocket Pearl is not only tiny and discreet, it offers unparallelled protection. It has a smooth, extendable applicator, making it comfortable and easy to use. It also has a special Built in Backup™ Braid that catches leaks before they happen. Additionally, it’s wrapped in a stylish, discreet breakthrough wrapper that makes application mess-free and a breeze. Best of all, it fits right in your pocket! So, say goodbye to bulky tampons –Tampax Pocket Pearl is so small it fits in the palm of your hand -making those runs to the bathroom in the middle of the restaurant much more discreet. It’s also available in all sizes, so you get the same protection you need without the bulky packaging. The new Tampax Pocket Pearl is now available at Target.  We promise you’ll never go back to those big tampons ever again!


Energy Bars

We always carry energy bars when we’re on the go because when you’re busy you know how easy it can be to forget to eat! Keeping your blood sugar balanced will help you stay energized and keep your metabolism going. When we don’t eat, our bodies think we’re starving, so they hold on to calories, slowing metabolism and making weight gain more likely. Always make sure to keep a snack on hand so that you have something to munch on even when you’re busy.

Electrolyte/Vitamin Supplements

We always keep a packet of Emergen-C on hand for those extra long days when we need a boost. Emergen-C provides several nutrients and electrolytes to keep you going when you’re tired. So, instead of reaching for another cup of coffee, try an electrolyte/vitamin supplement. You’ll get the boost without the jitters.

Travel Size Beauty Products

During hot summer months, the heat and humidity can really make you feel like you need 10 showers a day! Sometimes you don’t have time to run home to shower before you go out, so keeping travel size packets of cleanser, moisturizer, dry shampoo, mouthwash, baby wipes etc. in your bag is great for refreshing on-the-go. So, next time you want to throw out those sample packets, think again. They make great emergency/travel companions!

Extra Hair Ties/Bobby Pins

You never know just how valuable that hair tie or bobby pin is until you don’t have one. Whether you’re sweating up a storm at a summer concert or working out, having extra hair ties and/or bobby pins will keep your hair under control and out of the way.  Don’t leave home without a couple hair ties and bobby pins -especially during hot summer months!

Nail Files/Clippers/Polish Remover Wipes

Chipped nails, ragged cuticles and broken nails are our arch nemesis. Our hands reveal a lot about us. If your nails are ragged and chipped -especially on interviews- people may unfairly judge you as sloppy or careless. Also, we all know how annoying and painful hangnails can be. Keep nail clippers, a nail file and disposable polish remover wipes for those emergency situations when your nails are looking less than stellar.

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Our summer bag essentials.
All our summer bag essentials.

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