Say Goodbye to Redness & Puffy Eyes with This Amazing Sonic Facial Wand

If you’ve ever suffered from allergies or are just prone to puffiness or eye strain, you know how annoying and uncomfortable irritated eyes can be. Especially if you work on a computer a lot or suffer from allergies and your eyes seem to be itchy, sore, and red non-stop. Well, we have found the perfect, most convenient tool for combating this problem. Sure, you can put a bag of frozen peas on your eyes or use a frozen eye mask, but lying down for 10 minutes with an ice pack over your eyes is time consuming, drippy, and inconvenient.

Enter the Bliss Climate Control Facial wand. This product has been out for a couple years, but we have only recently discovered it and it’s a TOTAL godsend for facial puffiness. This device is amazing and one of the best beauty purchases we’ve ever made. (How did we not have this tool in our lives sooner?!) Of course, it’s meant to be used on the entire face and it’s really effective for infusing creams and serums anywhere on your skin, but we especially love it for soothing irritated, red, puffy eyes and skin.

Bliss Climate Control Facial Wand, $64.50

This tool comes with both hot and cold settings and uses sonic vibration to stimulate the skin and create a lymphatic drainage effect. The hot setting helps infuse serums and creams into the skin while the cold setting (and this thing gets ICE cold) helps reduce puffiness and redness.  There are 4 settings: hot with no vibration, hot with vibration, cold with no vibration, and cold with vibration. You can pick a setting depending on your needs, but we have found the cold with vibration to be the ultimate de-puffer.

Simply put the tool over your entire eye and let it vibrate and cool. You don’t need to do a circular massage motion, just place it gently over the eye and move it around in a pressing motion. You can use it with or without eye cream, just be sure when using around the eyes you are not pulling the skin in a massage motion, only pressing.

The best part is you can be sitting at your desk or in bed and simply turn the tool on and massage the puffiness and redness away. It’s lightweight, compact, USB rechargeable, and can easily fit in your purse for a quick session. It provides instant relief from those sore, itchy eyes you often get with allergies or sensitivity. So you’ll never have to use ice bags or ice packs that drip all over the place or have to be refrigerated ever again!

For the rest of your face, put on your favorite serum or cream and use the hot setting to help infuse the treatments into your skin, followed by the cool setting to close the pores and seal the product in. This has quickly become one of our favorite skincare tools, especially during allergy season. It’s so great for rejuvenating and depuffing the entire face -whether you didn’t get a good nights rest, ate too much salt or have allergies. As far as price, it retails for $129 on Bliss, but it’s on sale at Kohl’s right now for $64.50.

We hope you like this facial wand as much as we do!





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