Runway Report: Top Fashion Trends For Fall 2016

What better time to restock our closets than right now?  It might still be summer, but if you blink you’ll miss the transition from this month to next month’s autumn fashions.  We got a preview of what trends will be in vogue at last spring’s fashion week, but now it’s time to actually start refreshing our fall wardrobe.  Here is what’s hot for Fall 2016.


velvetOne of the best parts of fall fashion is that you get to experiment with new textures and bold colors, and the velvet trend is perfect for both! Start small by adding a velvet shoe or blazer into your outfit rotation. If you want to go big, don’t be afraid to experiment with a colored velvet top or dress.  We’re going to see a lot of teal, copper, and shades of blue in stores this season, so don’t think that choosing to wear velvet will make you look dowdy.  It won’t!


pantsuitSuits aren’t just for businessmen anymore – but they’re not limited to businesswomen either.  With all of the different prints and styles available to three piece suits, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t find the one that fits you best. You can rock a vest and cigarette pant combo or bellbottoms with an oversized blazer or something else altogether. And as a bonus, you can wear each of the pieces separately for even more style options.

Dark Florals

floralJust because summer is ending doesn’t mean you have to say goodbye to your favorite flowers just yet! Floral prints on darker fabrics – think black, navy, and gray – will be wearable through October.  The key to this trend is to avoid brighter colors altogether, especially with the flowers in the print.  Too bright of a color scheme will make the look feel more summery than fall, and it will make the piece difficult to layer with other, cozier fabrics.

Unique Outerwear

outer2This season, think twice before you reach for your classic leather bomber jacket.  Even though fashion can feel like cycling through different trends every few years, there are some new exciting silhouettes for outerwear this season you’ll no doubt want to try!  Plush evening jackets made from shimmering fabric will make you feel like you’re wearing the classiest pajamas ever, and a lace-up blazer (that’s definitely not for the office) will help you power pose through your night out.  Plus – who doesn’t love a reason to put on a fringe coat?


plaidSure, this might be a new season of fashion, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy wearing classic plaid!  Whether it’s on a cozy flannel or a pencil skirt, plaid is perfect for celebrating back to school time without actually going back to school.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with your color choice – pastels, shades of gray, and deep, wintery shades were all seen on the Fall Fashion Week runway and will look great in your closet!




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Alexandra Wilson

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