Runway Report: Spring 2015 Hair & Makeup Trends

If there’s one thing certain about Spring 2015 hair and makeup trends, it’s simplicity. A few of the trends on the runways for S/S ’15 were traditionally fall/winter looks, simplified and revamped into wearable spring looks. From undone red lips to touseled, messy locks to simple nails, minimal is all the rage right now. If you love a simple routine, you’ll love the beauty forecast this spring.

Simple Nails


In stark contrast to the wild, embellished, colorful nails we’ve seen in past seasons, simple nails have made a comeback. Nude shades, light pastels, and barely there nail art were all over the runways for Spring 2015. If you were never one for pointed, glittered claws, you’ll be glad to know, natural nails are back!

Undone Red Lips


Red lips are often reserved for the fall/winter season. Mostly because deep, lined red lips can feel like too much during hot weather months. However, a barely there red lip is the perfect alternative. Skip the multiple lipstick layers and lip liner and go for a sheer red stain or faded coral red lip that doesn’t feel too heavy or overdone.

Long, Tousled Locks


For those of you who haven’t chopped your long hair off yet (yes, we’re tempted too!), you may want to rethink that lob, because long undone locks are back. The runways were filled with long, effortless, I-just-rolled-out-of-bed styles. So, go ahead and hit that snooze button again, because your bed head will look deliberately chic!

Messy Braids


No mystery here. Messy braids are more of a spring/summer staple than a trend. They’ll continue to reign this season as the perfect, go-to style when it’s unbearably hot and you just can’t.

Cat Eyes


A simple cat eye has always been one of our favorite makeup looks. This season it’s actually a trend. On the runways it was paired with an otherwise natural  look. I.e a cat eye with bare skin and a natural lip.

Muted Plum & Purple


Plum is a quintessential fall/winter color, but this season purple and plum shades were all over Spring 2015 runways. But this isn’t your electric, dense purple or plum, it’s a sheer, muted tone that is wearable even in hot summer months.

A Pop of Color


Despite all the simplicity this Spring 2015 season, bold color has still found its way onto the runway. But this time, in a much more simplified fashion. For those of you who like a little more fun in your makeup routine, bright streaks of colorful eyeshadow were seen all over the runways.



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