Runway Report: Fall/Winter 2016 Hair & Makeup Trends

What better way to compliment your updated fall wardrobe than by updating your hairstyle and makeup palate as well?  This autumn has brought some classic and new fashion trends back into the mainstream, and we’re seeing a similar pattern for hair and makeup looks.  Here’s your cheat sheet for what beauty styles will be trending this fall.

Blunt Edges

bluntbangsTime to head to the salon and say goodbye to your layered look – this season, blunt edged hairstyles are back in style. Trimming your hair and getting rid of your layers doesn’t mean that you need to switch to a significantly shorter hairstyle (though you can if you want to).  The “lob” – a.k.a. a long bob – has become increasingly popular amongst celebrities and style icons, and it’s a great way to keep your hair long for colder months while showcasing your subtle but stylish update.

Embrace Your Texture

textureWhen it comes to texture, everyone’s hair is unique.  Instead of mimicking straight hair, embrace your natural texture and rock your locks.  Diane Von Furstenburg and Missoni did this with their runway models last spring to gorgeous results – so celebrate your natural curls, waves, and/or straight hair.  When you pull your hair back, keep the look a little loose so you can still emphasize your natural texture.

Gothic Lips

darklipsCounting down the days until you can rock fall colors? You don’t have to keep Pantone’s Fall 2016 colors just for your clothes this season – dark, traditionally “autumn” colors will dominate makeup trends for the next few months. Case in point?  Dark shades of lipstick – including plum, velvet red, and black – were key parts of many designers’ fall collections, and we’re certain they’re not going away any time soon.  Dark, gothic lips are a great way to add a statement color to your traditional makeup palate.

Spidery Eyelashes

spider4If you’re a fan of Twiggy’s signature mascara, this fall 2016 trend is for you. “Spider lashes” are a great way to take your eyelash game to the next level, as the style requires voluminous, bold lashes to work.  Swipe some mascara on both your upper and lower eyelashes for emphasis.  Instead of using an eyelash curler to create a traditional, fanned out look, focus on just a few key sections of lashes that look like, well, spider legs. In this case – clumpy eyelashes are a great thing!

Shine and Sparkle

It’s not just statement colors you’ll want to incorporate into your makeup this season – you’ll want to add some temporary glitz as well.  Many collections, including Burberry and Giambattista Valli’s, highlighted their looks with metallic makeup.  Silver eyeliner and gold sparkles added extra an extra pop of personality to many palates that otherwise focused on natural shades, and you can do the same this season.  Adding a little shine to your look is a perfect way to update your makeup from day to night.



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