Preventeza™ is Opening The Conversation About Women’s Sexual Health

We spend so much time preparing for life; whether that’s through studying, education or physical training. So, being prepared for unexpected situations (especially involving your health) should be a priority.

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However, when it comes to women’s sexual health, there is still an air of shame and mystery. Why is that? Sexual health and choice should be at the forefront of conversations and yet girls and women are still expected to remain mum about the topic.

Well, Vagisil® is opening the conversation wide open through their new over-the-counter emergency contraception, Preventeza™. Preventeza™ is an over-the-counter single dose emergency contraception pill that helps stop pregnancy before it starts. It uses the same ingredients as regular birth control but at a higher dose. Taken within 72 hours of birth control failure or unprotected sex, it’s highly effective at helping prevent pregnancy, so you can be prepared, not panicked.

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This campaign and product are important, not only because emergency contraception should be widely available to women, but because Vagisil is using it as a platform to create a shame-free open dialogue about women’s sexual health.

Choosing to have a child is a highly personal decision and no one should be shamed or expected to become a parent when they are not ready. This is why easily accessible birth control and emergency contraception is so critical. Freedom to choose and be responsible should be celebrated, not shamed and we’re excited to be a part of that message.

Ladies, there is no shame in making the right decision for your health and your body and we hope we can continue to open the dialogue about choice and women’s sexual health. 

Preventeza™ is available here and for a limited time you can buy one, get one free! Shop now. 

Check out the video below to learn more about Preventeza™ and Vagisil®’s mission to end the stigma around women’s sexual health.




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