Parisian Blogger Scores Ultra Rare Chanel Boots That Are Basically an Urban Legend

Photo courtesy of @Georgiana_Boboc via Instagram
Photo courtesy of @Georgiana_Boboc via Instagram

Besides photos of food, pets, and questionable appendages, Instagram is especially good for something -and that something is called shoe stalking. From Jimmy Choo to Bergdorf Goodman to Manolo Blahnik, viewers get a steady view of the most gorgeous photos of shoes ever.  We mean, shoes that are literally works of art that could be displayed in a museum in a glass case. (Ie: Jimmy Choo’s $2k crystal embellished pumps.)

Having said that, this morning we woke up to Parisian ‘Vintage Traffic‘ blogger Georgiana Boboc’s, drool-inducing Instagram photo of ultra, super duper, so-rare-you-can’t-even-find-photos (go ahead, try to Google them) calf-height Chanel bow tie boots. I mean, these shoes are what fashion urban legends are made of! We’re not even sure what one would pay for these on the open market but our estimate is somewhere between expensive and not cheap.

The problem is, even if you have the dough for them, they’re pretty much unattainable and impossible to find. So, because we feel bad for you (and ourselves) we dug up a few alternative-ish options -truthfully there aren’t really any alternatives on the market but you can find a few inspired bootie versions.  If you’re really adventurous, we even found a DIY guide on how to make the bootie version.

Update: We just heard from Georgiana herself that there’s one more pair available at They’re a size 37 and $2,245.00, if you dare!

Here are a few attainable alternatives:

And a DIY video if you’re feeling extra motivated!



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