Opening Ceremony, Barney’s Partner with Intel to Make Wearable Tech Fashionable

photo credit: Wired Magazine

You may have noticed commercials over the holidays pushing the latest tech trend -wearable technology. Up until this point, wearable technology such as blue tooth ear devices and Google glasses have been allocated to mostly “techie nerds” rather than fashion lovers. (With the exception of Diane Von Furstenberg who featured Google glasses in her Spring ’13 show.) Opening Ceremony, Barney’s, CFDA, and Intel are hoping to change that. They’ve announced a collaboration at this year’s CES show in Las Vegas that will include fashionable, wearable tech wristwear. Few details on the appearance and function of the wristwear have been released, but we can imagine it will basically be a cooler looking high functioning device that works like a smart phone but looks like a wrist watch. Though the concept has already been implemented with strictly tech brands, Intel hopes to reach a new demographic by targeting the fashion market with a device that is both functional and fashionable.

Other wearable tech that has hit the market recently are smarphone connected “vibrating underwear” (yes, they’re exactly what you think they are)  and “smart socks” that sync up to your phone to track and coach you while you run.

What do you think of the latest wearable tech trend? Would you invest in these devices? Feel free to comment below!


Diane Von Furstenberg features Google glasses at her Spring '13 show.
Diane Von Furstenberg features Google glasses at her Spring ’13 show.



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