One-On-One with Renowned Yogi & Author, Kathryn Budig

Last weekend I got the chance to attend the Yoga Journal Live! New York conference along with a one-on-one yoga session with renowned yogi and wellness author, Kathryn Budig. Kathryn is currently on tour for her recently released book, Aim True, which contains more than 85 recipes and 100 yoga poses. As you can imagine, Kathryn is awesome and radiates positive, vibrant energy! It can be a little intimidating to do one-on-one yoga with such a renowned expert, but she was a lot of fun, and it was fantastic to meet her in person.

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The great thing about doing yoga with a bonafide yogi one-on-one is that they can personalize your session and correct your poses. Kathryn guided me through and gently corrected my poses so now I know what adjustments I need to make my sessions more effective. As many of you know, it’s vital in yoga to know if your poses are correct and properly aligned. Otherwise, you can actually injure yourself, so it was great to have Kathryn there to provide guidance and help make my practice better. I was excited to snag an hour of her time to do some yoga and chat with her about her book tour and her partnership with [eafl id=18437 name=”Zicam®” text=”Zicam®”], a product I’ve been using for years to support my immunity during cold season. [eafl id=18437 name=”Zicam®” text=”Zicam®”] has recently added to their product line, which now includes [eafl id=18437 name=”Zicam®” text=”Zicam® Total Immune + Performance Support Orange Burst Melts”] and[eafl id=18437 name=”Zicam®” text=” Zicam® Total Immune + Digestive Health Berry Crystals.”]


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Before we started our session,  (naturally) we both took a couple [eafl id=18437 name=”Zicam®” text=”Zicam® Total Immune + Performance Support Orange Burst Melts.”] This was my first time trying them, and I definitely felt naturally energized, and even though I took them at 6pm, I was pleasantly surprised that they did not prevent me from falling asleep. One of the best things about these new Zicam® Total Immune products is that they are so convenient. You don’t need water, a glass, or time to take them. Simply pop them in your mouth and get on with your day. I’m always looking for ways to streamline my life, and I really love the simplicity of these products.

After our session, I got a signed copy of Kathryn’s book, Aim True, which it chock full of wisdom, yoga poses, and incredible recipes. There is so much beautiful advice in this book, but one excerpt I really loved was this:

“The only person who can make you happy and change your negative habits is you. The sooner you can embrace your strength and realize there’s no one to blame, the stronger you become. Will there always be holes in the road? Yes, always. Problems are just as prevalent as solutions, but they’re also some of our most informative teachers. We need the valleys to create peaks.”

It was such a pleasure to spend time with Kathryn, and I’m looking forward to regularly adding [eafl id=18437 name=”Zicam®” text=”Zicam® Total Immune”] products to my workout regimen!

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