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Tracking PixelSometimes too many options can be a bad thing. It can lead to impulse buying and stocking up on stuff you don’t really need. Think about it. How often do you go to the store to just “pick up a couple things” then end up walking out with a cart full of stuff you probably don’t need? Yes, we’ve done the same thing. Then suddenly your cupboards are full and you’re scratching your head wondering why you thought you needed 7 different face cleansers. The struggle is real.

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That’s why we love Crate Space. For $29.99, they offer only the daily essentials you need. Simply pick 5 items and they’ll deliver it straight to your door. Not only do you save money on your monthly household essentials, but you’ll save time with their free delivery.

It’s the perfect service for the practical minimalist who wants to streamline their life; think of it like a “capsule wardrobe” for your daily essentials. It’s all the beauty, home, and health products you use regularly without all the clutter and unnecessary purchases. It’s also great if you share expenses and household items with a partner or roommate. No more worrying about who’s going to pick up the toilet paper or paper towels

Crate Space delivers any 5 essentials you need, right to your door for a flat rate of $29.99, with free shipping!

Another great aspect of Crate Space is there are no service fees. Unlike other sites where you have to pay to be a member, meet a minimum purchase or pay for delivery, Crate Space’s simple concept makes it easy to get your daily essential items without the hassle or extra fees. By offering a flat rate and free shipping, it’s a distraction-free process that simplifies your online shopping experience and by buying in a bundle, you can save quite a bit.

Cut the clutter: sleek, clean cabinets with Crate Space.

Let’s break down our recent Crate Space order. We ordered Ecos detergent $12, Kotex U Sleek Tampons, 36 pack, $9.50, Colgate Total Toothpaste 2 pack $6.50, Bounce Dryer Sheets $5.40, Crest Pro Health Mouthwash $6. Bought separately, these items would’ve been $39.40 plus tax and shipping, so this order would’ve cost close to $50 through traditional shopping. That’s a solid savings, especially when you factor in comparable subscription services and shipping costs.

Whether you just want to save time  or you’re someone who finds yourself going down the shopping rabbit hole when you’re just trying to buy some toilet paper, you will love how Crate Space simplifies your shopping experience. Free shipping, no extras fees, and convenience. What more could you ask for?

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