Marriott Is The Latest Hotel Chain To Ban Small Plastic Toiletry Bottles

Best. News. Ever. Marriott is the latest in large hotel chains to ban all small plastic toiletry bottles in its 7000 hotels and resorts by 2020. Marriott joins Intercontinental Hotel Group whose CEO, Keith Barr, announced last month it will be removing the tiny (massively environmentally unfriendly) plastic bottles from all its locations by 2021. Barr told CN Traveler they hoped other chains would do the same, adding sustainability is “not the top priority for every government…it’s up to businesses to step up and lead the way.”

Marriott says the move will eliminate 500 million small bottles every year, which is equivalent of 1.7 million pounds of plastic! This massive reduction in waste is for Marriott alone -imagine how much plastic could be eliminated if all hotels followed suit.

Apparently, Marriott has been working on making the move for years. Accordingly to CEO, Arne Sorensen, it has been a matter of “designing bottles that were both tamper-resistant and luxurious, and convincing suppliers to sign on to make them.”

In place of those tiny unsustainable bottles will be large refillable pump bottles. So, while you might miss taking those little bottles home with you, the environment is going to be a lot happier.

Source: CN Traveler



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