March For Science & Other Great Ways To Celebrate Earth Day

Climate change is a serious issue and unfortunately our current administration is putting roadblocks in place that do not help protect our environment. Including removal of scientific information about climate change on the EPA website, promoting the use of environment polluting coal, and rolling back several of President Obama’s environment protection regulations. These are trying times for our planet and now more than ever, we all need to do our part to be conscious of our carbon footprint.

Here are the best ways to celebrate your favorite environmentally-friendly holiday!


Feeling politically active? Want to help make a statement about the need to fight climate change? Attend the March for Science in Washington D.C. (or check for marches in your local area) on Earth Day, April 22.  You’ll get to hear top scientists speak and participate in various scientific workshops, plus you’ll help send a major message that science (and the environment) need to be taken seriously.

Ditch Your Car

Sure, it’s one of those ideas that’s sounds too simple to make a difference but it’s an easy way to help the environment. Gather some friends together and plan a bike ride to your favorite brunch spot. The gasoline you won’t use and the CO2 you won’t emit will help future generations.

Dedicate a Tree

Looking to do something nice for a loved one? Donate and dedicate a tree in your bestie’s honor. A Living Tribute will plant a tree (or a whole grove) in somebody else’s name for as low as $9.99. You can request for it to be placed in the recipient’s favorite national park, and the recipient will receive a card commemorating the gift.

Attend a Local Event

Organizations and communities across the globe celebrate Earth Day. Be an active participant in the holiday by finding a local fair, festival or another kind of event in your area and get to know other environmentally-friendly members of your community. You might make some new, long-lasting friendships!

Go Camping

Or “glamping,” if that’s more your style.  Invite your S.O. for a night under the stars and appreciate your beautiful surroundings – along with each other’s company.

Start a Garden

You don’t need to be a botanical whiz to start a garden. All you need is a few basic supplies, some space, and time!  Spend your morning planning your future greenspace, and spend the afternoon constructing it.  And hey, if you want to start a composting pile while you’re at it – we have you covered.

Get in Touch With Mother Earth

Take some time to self-reflect on your relationship with your community and with Earth. Meditation is a great way to focus on this; you can find a self-guided meditation session on Headspace, but don’t hesitate to try a meditation class for the first time.

Cook a Vegetarian Dinner

Love to cook? Host a veggie-themed potluck to appreciate all of the amazing products that come from the earth. Invite your squad over and have each person make something totally different.  (And yes, wine comes from grapes so it’s totally welcome!)

Visit a National Park

America’s National Parks are totally underrated.  Bring some snacks and/or a friend, and take a hike, go for a swim, climb a mountain, or something else altogether. So long as you appreciate the amazing nature that surrounds us, you’re celebrating Earth Day right.



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