Makeup Artist Secrets: Review of Joe Blasco’s Dermaceal Miracle Concealer

Joe Blasco Dermaceal Concealer

This miracle concealer is a makeup artists best kept secret and it literally changes peoples lives. You can cover tattoos, rosacea, acne,  and other skin discolorations to invisibility with this concealer. Unless you’re a makeup artist, it’s unlikely you’ve ever heard of Joe Blasco cosmetics. There’s no fancy advertising or bells and whistles about Joe Blasco, but their Dermaceal concealer is by far the best heavy duty coverup we’ve ever used.

The 30+ year old under-the-radar brand is renowned for heavily pigmented products that have serious staying power.  They’re not sold anywhere except online and in specialty beauty stores that are typically patronized by film and theatrical professionals. Which is unfortunate because not only is this concealer highly effective but unlike its competitors it’s reasonably affordable at around $18-$20 retail.

Joe Blasco cosmetics was founded by Joe Blasco, a prominent make up artist who worked in Hollywood for over 50 years and was the personal makeup artist for celebrities such as Orson Welles, Olivia Newton-John, Marlene Dietrich, and Lauren Bacall, to name a few. In 1987 he launched his namesake makeup line and subsequently opened a makeup artistry school.


  • highly pigmented
  • covers discoloration and redness extremely well
  • smooth application
  • affordable
  • you only need a small amount to cover

How to Use

  • jbDermaceal comes in a range of colors depending on your needs. They have several formulas for specific discolorations: Regular, Tattoo Cover I & II, Red-away, and Blue-away.
  • Regular Dermaceal comes in light, medium, and dark and is used for general concealing.
  • Tattoo is extra heavy for covering tattoos.
  • Red-away cancels out red completely to conceal rosacea, acne, and other red conditions.
  • Blue-away is best for covering bruises and undereye circles.
  • Like any other concealer, you’ll want to layer your products to match your skintone completely. Using a concealer brush, layer Dermaceal  over areas you want to cover. Next apply your foundation and set with a light dust of powder.

Buy Joe Blasco Dermaceal Online

Dermaceal – Light
Dermaceal – Blue Away
Dermaceal – Tattoo Cover I
Dermaceal – Red-Away



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