LXR & Co. Kicks off Fashion Week, Celebrates Permanent Residency in Soho

lx2You may have remembered our article back in December celebrating LXR & Co.’s pop-up shop opening in Soho. Well, ladies, it’s gotten better! After a highly successful run during the holidays, LXR & Co. revamped their store and took up permanent residency at 112 Wooster Street. So, like any good company they threw a party to celebrate; and like any good neighbor, we joined them for another round of Birkin Bellinis and designer consignment gawking.

This time around they partnered up with dutch artist, Mike Frederiqo whose kitschy artwork features Karl Lagerfield and Coco posed as Chanel logos. Handbag designer Nous Sommes Amis was also on hand creating custom leather wrap bracelets for guests.

Celebrity appearances included several to-die-for vintage Chanel bags and a $150,000 Hermes diamond-latched Kelly bag whose 1 million year waiting list merited the googly eyes and dropped jaws surrounding it.

Also, on the note of waiting lists and Hermes Birkin bag madness -drop your pens and wipe your tears because thanks to LXR & Co. waiting is no longer necessary. When they say Birkin Bar, they mean it. They have an entire wall dedicated to Hermes bags that were once impossible to possess. Simply pick from a couple dozen readily available wait-list-free bags and walk home with it same day. (Explanation to your significant other not included.)

Unfortunately we did not walk away with a Birkin bag, but we did get an awesome Lagerfield Chanel print from Mike Frederiqo, a leather Nous Sommes Amis bracelet and plenty of wild ideas about our 2014 Christmas list for Santa.

Attendees included: Music by Hannah Bronfman, Leandra Medine from The Man Repeller, LXR & Co. founders Frederick Mannella and Jean-Philippe Robert, model Viktoriya Sasonkina, artist Mike Frederiqo

View more pics from the event on BFA

LXR & Co. 112 Wooster Street, New York, NY 10012 https://www.lxrco.com



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