Low Energy? You Need To Get Naked More Often

Feeling sluggish, tired or hangry in the morning? Clearly, you need to get Naked more often. I get Naked at least 3  times a week and it jump starts my day and keeps me going during long work days, by the pool, at the gym, when I travel, and even when I go out at night.

If you haven’t figured it out yet, I’m talking about Naked Juice! Why, what did you think I was talking about?!

Getting Naked is my go-to way of energizing in the morning when I don’t have time to prepare breakfast or to blend my own smoothies. For those of you who juice or make your own smoothies, you know how laborious it can be! While we’d all love to press and blend our own smoothies, many of us simply don’t have time to do it every day -especially when we’re rushing out of the house in the morning.

Morning workout and work with Naked.
Morning work and workout with Naked!

When it comes to keeping up with my workout regimen and busy schedule, juice is my savior. Between work, meetings, and evening events, not having time to prepare a meal and actually sit down is a little too common for many of us. On such hectic days, having something to reach for on-the-go that is portable, energizing and nutrient-rich  is important. I also don’t have a big morning appetite, so finding a breakfast that is  light, yet nutritious is essential when everything else seems unappetizing. I’ve been drinking Naked Juice for about a decade and it’s one of the first smoothie juices I started drinking. (Yes, I was a big fan long before I had the chance to work on this post!) The convenience and tasty variety of flavors always keeps me coming back.

While my choice Naked Juice has typically been their Berry Blast or Green Machine, they’ve recently rolled out several new flavors that are even more delicious! My new favorite is the Kale Blazer and the protein-rich Berry Almond Nutmilk for when I workout. They also have 4 additional new yummy flavors including Bright Beets, Proteins & Greens, Chia Cherry Lime, and Chia Sweet Peach. Best of all, Naked Juice has no preservatives or added sugar. It’s simply fruit and vegetable goodness, blended up.  And, the price point is on point. Naked Juice typically retails for under $4, so if you thought you had to spend upwards of $8 on a juice smoothie, think again!

Naked by the pool.

Want to get Naked? We’re giving away vouchers redeemable for 2 full size Naked Juices! To enter, send an email to info@stylefox.co with your name and email address. We’ll announce a winner on July 6th. Good luck!


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