Lifesum Fitness App Is Like A Wellness Personal Assistant

When it comes to managing life and wellness, everyone can use a bit of assistance. We all get busy and sometimes staying on point with your health is a matter of having someone (or something) in your corner to keep track. That’s exactly what Lifesum does.

This new app does everything from keeping track of your meals to recipe recommendations to reminders to drink enough water and even connects you to your friends within the platform. Throughout the day it sends you reminders like a personal assistant to eat, drink water, and workout, among other actions.

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It’s really helpful to have an app monitoring your wellness to keep you from slacking off when you get busy. No matter what your wellness goals are, Lifesum can help keep you on point. It’s great for toning up, losing weight, building muscle or simply eating healthier. One of the best features is the personal healthy eating plans. The meal plans feature diets such as High Protein, Clean Eating, Ketogenic, Food for Strength and many more. You can find which meal plan is right for you by taking a quick questionnaire that will determine what diet will help you meet your goals.

Take the questionnaire to find out what meal plan is right for you.

You can even select if you’re gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan or vegetarian and the meal plans will adjust accordingly. One of the biggest challenges to staying healthy is meal planning and Lifesum goes above and beyond to provide healthy, delicious recipes that fit your needs. This was one of my favorite features in the app. They make it so easy and convenient to find great recipes and I loved the large selection of vegan and vegetarian options, which can be the hardest category to find recipes for.

Another great feature on Lifesum is the “friends” section, which is a feed where you can upload photos and post updates. It also pulls articles, Instagram photos, and updates from your friends, so you can get all your “fitspiration” in one app.


Use the “Friends” section to update your status, upload photos and check out articles, status updates, and Instagram photos from your friends.


Staying fit and healthy has never been so easy or convenient. This app has quickly become my go-to app for keeping track of my wellness and finding great recipes.  Need help meeting your health goals?  Download Lifesum here for free and take a huge step toward being your healthiest, best self.



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