Keeping Your Fur Baby Active and Healthy with IAMS

If you’re a dog lover like us, you know keeping your pet active and healthy is vital to ensuring they live the longest life possible. Part of keeping your pet in top shape is giving them the best food available. Not all dog food is created equal, so it’s important to check the labels of the food you buy to ensure you’re giving your fur baby proper nutrition. IAMS™has been a trusted name in high quality dog food for decades now. Their formulas are created to help you see three visible differences in the health and vitality of your dog: healthy skin & coat, healthy digestion, and more energy.

Even though our fur babies can’t talk to us, we can help determine their health and what’s going on with them internally by paying attention to their skin, coat, digestion, and energy levels. If you find your pup is lacking vitality and has a dull, flaky coat and poor digestion, it may be time to transition their diet.

Healthy skin and a shiny coat aren’t just for vanity -both serve as essential factors to keeping your dog hydrated, retaining heat, and even preventing viruses and bacteria from entering. IAMS™ provides the vital nutrients like Omega 6 & 3 fatty acids to help keep your dog’s coat and skin healthy. IAMS™ is also formulated to ensure proper digestion, using a fiber blend of beet pulp and prebiotic. Prebiotic helps retain and development the “good” bacteria in your dog’s digestive tract, while beet pulp provides a natural fiber source to help your dog’s body absorb vital nutrients.

Another major factor that determines your dog’s health is energy. Yes, most dogs do tend to sleep often throughout the day, which is normal. However, if you find your pup is lacking energy to even play or go for walks, they may not be getting the nutrition they need. IAMS™ is formulated with an optimal balance for carbohydrates, including sorghum, barley and corn to help sustain your dog’s energy levels. Whether you want to take your pup out for a run or for a swim in the backyard, you know dog is getting vital nutrition to stay active and healthy.

We took the Visible Difference challenge and transitioned our pug, Mr. Miyagi, to an IAMS™ diet. We took him out to the lake for a swim and not only did we notice he was more agile and active, but we noticed he had a shinier coat and even shed some excess weight. Day to day we’ve also noticed he can walk and run for longer periods of time and gets less tired in the summer heat. IAMS™ comes in a variety of different formulas for puppies and adult dogs to ensure you have a formula that is right for your dog’s needs.

Ready to take the Visible Difference Challenge and switch your dog to IAMS™? They’re so confident you will see improved health in your dog that they offer a money back guarantee. For more information on IAMS™ products for dogs of all sizes and ages and to learn about the Visible Difference Guarantee, visit

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