Inside the Party: LXR & Co Debuts Soho Pop-Up Shop with a Bang


You know when you walk up to a launch party and there’s a Louis Vuitton vending machine out front that you’re in for something good. LXR & Co., a luxury consignment company debuted their Soho holiday pop-up shop on Wooster Street last night to a maxed out room of editors and party goers. Walking into LXR & Co. can be likened to feeling like a kid in a candy store -except instead of candy it’s luxury bags and accessories and instead of being a kid, it’s…oh wait…I guess there’s a kid in all of us. Just put a woman in front of a vintage Chanel bag and hear her squeal like a school girl. Case. In. Point.

lx5Aside from the endless array of luxury goods and squealing school girls (us), the party featured a ‘Birkin Bar’ serving up ‘Birkin Bellinis’, a gif generator photo booth, a business card levitating ‘Foodie Magician’ (not commissioned just happened to be there), and obviously a few empty wallets by the end of the night. While we managed to get out unscathed, bank accounts intact (at least for now), we’ll definitely be returning to LXR & Co. for some therapy shopping.

LXR & Co. takes up residency at 112 Wooster Street in Soho through December, so if you’re in need (need!) of a luxury consignment fix, you know where to go.

You can visit LXR & Co. online at You can also view more photos from the event via hash tags on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram: #LXRSoho and #BirkinBar.


Stack of vintage Louis Vuitton suitcases.


The Louis Vuitton faux vending machine.



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