Infographic: The Best Foods To Eat For More Energy

If you find yourself reaching for your third cup of coffee by 2pm, it may be time to check your diet. Staying energized and at peak performance throughout the day requires more than a good night’s rest and a cup of joe. It can be easy to forget how food affects our energy levels throughout the day and sometimes that morning muffin or sugary smoothie can do more harm than good.

We’re all busy and want foods that are convenient, but before you hit up the office vending machine, you may want to consider if that bag of gummy worms is worth the potential sugar crash. Sometimes it just takes a little awareness about the foods we eat and their nutritional values (or lack thereof) to remind us that fueling our bodies with healthy foods will always have a much better pay off than a quick fast food fix.

Here are the best foods to eat to ensure you have the most energy and vitality every day.

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Mandy Ellis

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