Infographic: How To Pick The Freshest, Healthiest Vegetables

A lot of us -even those of us who are self-professed “health nuts”- don’t know when vegetables are in season or if they’re in a healthy condition. With so much GMO produce on the market, it can be hard to decipher if fruits and vegetables are actually ripe and fresh. We always recommend shopping organic local produce and properly examining your fruits and vegetables before purchasing. It’s also worth noting that many vegetables are seasonal, so if you’re purchasing a vegetable that is locally out of season, it’s likely frozen stock or imported -obviously making it less fresh than if it were grown locally. These are important factors to consider because frozen stock or imported vegetables are often loaded with pesticides and are grown in artificial environments. For further reading on this topic, check out 8 Dangerous Everyday Foods To Eliminate From Your Diet.

Thanks to Lifehacker, there is now an infographic that you can refer to whenever you’re vegetable shopping. It tells you what vegetables are in season, how a healthy vegetable should look, and how it looks when it’s not fresh and healthy. So check out this infographic and save it on your phone for next time you’re out grocery shopping! It could mean the difference between eating fresh and healthy or wasting your money on expired, potentially unhealthy produce.

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